Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas For Every Relationship Stage [Infographic]

By Tony Schubert /

It’s officially just days before Valentine’s. A lot of people are stressing over finding the right gift for their special ones. Unfortunately, the feat can prove monumental—even with all the possible options available! So how do you find the perfect Valentine’s gift?

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Staff Picks for Personalized Holiday Gifts

By Pinhole Press /

At Pinhole Press, we love the holiday season.  There are twinkling lights illuminating the streets, malls are packed with gift-givers galore and it is fully acceptable to have hot cocoa at any hour. During this jolly time we like to share our favorite holiday gifts to surprise your loved ones with, and you can get them all straight from your computer without even putting down your hot cocoa. Well, you might have to put it down, but only for a few minutes.

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22 Best Kids Books to Give

By Miranda Rosbach /

When our firstborn turned two, rather than accumulate more stuff, we asked guests to bring a book in lieu of gifts. We collected a handful of new and used titles that we then donated to the Ready Readers program in our community. This book-giving birthday tradition has continued and it doesn’t diminish how special birthdays feel; in fact, I’d say it enhances the experience for all involved. Here’s why: books keep giving.

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5 Things to Pack for College that Students Forget

By Abby Tolbert /

Homecoming, prom, and graduation day are all officially visible in the rearview mirror. You’ve spent your summer on camping excursions, late-night fast food runs, and on Netflix rewatching “The Office” for the third consecutive time. As the leaves begin to change and new Septembers are visible on the horizon, college preparations are on the minds of many recent high school grads.

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