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Did you know you that you can send a photo gift or personalized game as an eGift? That’s right!  You can purchase gifts like a photo book, and send them directly to a loved one to complete. You no longer have to worry about not having the right photos to give photo gifts! Here’s our exclusive eGift Guide that features all gifts that can be given as an eGift.

Here’s a quick look into how to give an eGift! 

Step 1: Review the Gift Guide



Step 2: Choose a Product



Step 3: Buy Now, Customize Later



Step 4: Setting up the eGift



To get started, we recommend :

  • Photo Memory Game: With this keepsake, you can easily design a memory game using 12 of your own pictures. The easy set-up and fun memory building makes this the perfect gift for your little one.
    memory-game-1 memory-game-2 memory-game-3
  • Photo Magnets Set of 12: Family photos on the fridge? Classic. Pick 12 photos to be displayed anywhere there is a metallic surface.
    photo-magnets-1 photo-magnets-3
  • Custom Board Book of Names & Faces: Customizable themes, easy to read text, and curved corners makes this board book a perfect gift for your special little one. Shapes, emotions, faces, and animals are just a few of the endless possibilities that can be created with this photo gift.

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