At Pinhole Press, we’re all about spreading smiles. It’s simple - celebrating life’s special moments should bring a smile to your face, so we do our best to inspire one with photo gifts that are easy to create, and beautiful in quality and design.

We keep it simple with:

  • A fun, drag & drop customization process.
  • Unique photo gifts and games that are handcrafted to withstand time and a lotta love.

Each Pinhole Press gift actually comes with a smile guarantee - if your Pinhole Press photo gift doesn't make you smile for any reason, just tell us and we’ll make it right. We promise!

Pinhole Press has been recognized for quality, originality and simplicity by Real Simple, The Washington Post, The Today Show and many more. BUT, these are just the names you’ve heard of, check out our Instagram for the real wins with our customers.

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Our History

To fully understand the history of Pinhole Press we need to rewind the clock all the way back to 2002. At that time Bill Gamble founded LabPrints, an online platform that connects photographers and printers with the purpose of making it easier for professional photographers to capture, print and share memories. Over the next few years, Bill watched as digital photography became mainstream, the quality of photos got better, and smartphones put a camera in everyone's pocket.

With this new age came the opportunity to take what we learned from working with the best photographers and labs in the world, and deliver it to more people, just like you. So with a team of brilliant designers, business minds, and paper connoisseurs from Mohawk Fine Papers and Rosebrook Peters Funaro, Pinhole Press was born.

With the core of our original team still together, it is no surprise that we are a family brand. We value passion, teamwork, initiative and happiness. The conversations we have with you are genuine and often the best part of our job. We feel lucky to play a small part in so many of our customers’ stories, helping them savor life’s special moments and milestones in a unique way.

Years later, we still stand behind Bill’s mission that started it all. We believe that life’s little moments are really the big moments, which should never be forgotten. We remain connected to the people, products and smiles that sparked this journey over ten years ago. We stay dedicated to offering simple designs, ease of creation, and innovative ways to preserve life’s special moments. As our world becomes more digitally driven, it’s more important now than ever to hold onto your memories.

Let’s spread some smiles, together.
❤️ Pinhole Press

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