About Pinhole Press Board Books

We have the perfect photo board book for every stage of your young child's life. Whether they are just starting to recognize family names and faces, learning the ABCs or dreaming of becoming an astronaut, a personalized board book is a fantastic gift and important learning tool that will be treasured for years to come. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to figure out which board book is best.

It’s incredible how much babies change in their first year! They gain social and emotional skills, increase capacity for language and communication, and grow cognitive and thinking abilities. A Custom Board Book of Names and Faces is a great way to engage with your baby and help them learn to recognize important family members, especially those who live far away. To celebrate baby’s first birthday, the First Year Board Book is perfect for documenting their developments from birth to year one. All Pinhole Press board books are certified by the Product Consumer Safety Commission for kids aged one and up.

Even though they are designed for little hands, board books aren’t just loved by children. Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me, Grandma & Me and Grandpa & Me books make excellent gifts for adults with a special little one in their lives. These photo board books are very popular presents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Pinhole Press board books for toddlers kickstart important skills like reading and counting. Our ABC Board Book lays the foundation needed to speak well and recognize the alphabet. Each letter has its own page with a corresponding picture of important people, places or things your little one can recognize. We even have an ABC Board Book that also teaches sign language! Similarly, the Count With Me board book has a page for each number along with a picture, and our Colors Board Book helps children begin to identify colors.

For older kiddos, the Story Board Book and First Photo Book are precious keepsakes both for you and your child. Make your child the star with photos of adventures and precious moments you'll both treasure for the rest of your lives. Since everything in these board books is customizable, the opportunities are endless - you can feature photos from a big vacation, special event or major milestones. The Year In Review Board Book is also great for highlighting big moments from the past twelve months.

Short on time or photos? Our illustrated board books, including Animal ABCs, I Can be Anything and Healthy Habits board books require just one photo for quick and easy personalization. All Pinhole Press board books retail at $39.99 and are handcrafted with love in the USA.