Unique Photo Gifts for Kids under $25

By Daniella Connelly /
photo gifts for kids under $25

Nowadays, what isn’t there to get your children? From little plastic figurines in hatchable shells (I’m lookin’ at you Hatchimals) to interactive apps with endless in-game purchases, there seems to be something for everything. And while there are plenty of fun and enjoyable toys out there, within a few months they seem to become old news to your ever-growing kids.

Getting creative with gifts for your kids gets more and more challenging every year, it also gets more expensive. So we’ve created a list of unique gifts to throw into the mix. And while they are anything but mainstream, these gifts offer more than just a fun game or activity, but a keepsake for you to hold onto over the years. Not to mention, they are all under $25 (score!)

Here’s our Unique Photo Gifts for Kids under $25

All About Me Book
So much changes from year to year with your kids. These books create a fun yearly diary to document everything about them. The All About Me Book features 10 photos and prompts for your child to write in their favorite things this year.

Photo Sticker Books
For your kids that love to color, these creative sticker books are the perfect add-on to their new marker set. A Photo Sticker Book comes with 96 stickers, personalized with 8 family photos. Your child gets to put themselves in the adventure and make some cute fridge-worthy artwork in the process.

Photo Sticker Book
Photo by @LipglossAndCrayons

Small Dry Erase Decal
Another gift for the imagination. The Small Dry Erase Decal for kids is a fun tool that can be used for all kinds of things. Let them play teacher, draw, or practice their writing. It can serve as a creative board for coloring or a tool for learning.

Photo Memory Game
What kid doesn’t like to play memory? But now they can play with their own family photos making it all the more fun and amusing. The game comes with 24 games tiles and can be played in three ways. Check out the ways to play here.

3 Ways to play with photo memory cards - memory, go fish, guess who

60-piece Puzzle
Puzzles are always a fun gift that gets good play time on rainy days and cold nights. Creating a puzzle with your family photo makes it even better and is something to keep around as a happy memory, instead of yet another puzzle of Frozen, Moana and PJ Masks. (Not that we don’t cherish those too!)

Custom 60 Piece Photo Puzzle
Photo by @madison.hoecker

Photo Tangrams
If your child likes puzzles and is creative, step it up a notch with Tangrams. A traditional puzzle played in school personalized with your photos. Have fun completing your photo puzzle, then turn it over and make some fun shapes.

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