5 Things your Family Command Center Needs

By Holly Sosa /

A family command center is a great way to help your family stay organized and keep everyone on the same page. In my home, our command center is the brain of our family. Need to know where someone is? Check the command center. What groceries do we need? Check the command center. What’s for dinner tonight? Check. The. Command. Center. I update our family command center, which is located at our fridge, every week. Having the essentials on hand helps me to get everyone organized and know what’s going on with everyone at a quick glance. These essentials from Pinhole Press are must-haves for every family command center.

A dry-erase calendar

I love this Colorful Dry Erase Photo Wall Decal Calendar from Pinhole Press. It’s bright, which catches everyone’s attention, and I can reuse it every month. The best part about using a dry erase decal is that it’s as flexible as my family has to be. If events are cancelled or appointments are rescheduled, I simply erase and fill in. I update the calendar every month and then weekly to ensure any rescheduled appointments get penciled in and any change of plans is reflected in the calendar.


A weekly menu pad

Having a weekly menu pad has been a huge stress saver for me. I take a little time at the end of each week to create a new menu for the upcoming week. Then I can just populate my grocery list and know that I have everything I need for meals for the week. This Colorful Magnetic Weekly Notepad is the perfect menu pad. It matches my dry erase calendar and I can simply remove the previous week’s menu by tearing it off to reveal a clean new week.


A blank notepad

In my home, everyone knows that if they need something or if we’re out of something, to add it to the list. If it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. I love having this Magnetic Photo Notepad in our command center because it keeps a running master list all week long and when I’m ready to do the shopping, I can tear it off and go.


Family mementos

Okay, maybe this one isn’t a must, but it is for me.  These Square Photo Magnets are the sweetest way to get my favorite photos off of my phone and onto the fridge. I love seeing our family’s favorite memories and most precious moments reflected back at me.


Recipe magnets

These genius Photo Recipe Magnets are perfect for keeping regularly used recipes close by. I ordered several of our family favorites like my Grandma’s No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies and my famous Kung Pao Spaghetti. These recipes are easy to find, which helps keep me focused on busy nights when I’m cooking. I love that the recipe is readily available and I’m not having to search for it on my phone or in an old cookbook somewhere.


Having these tools at my disposal has helped to keep my family organized and me from going insane in the membrane. In the next school year, I’m going to be adding baskets for homework and important papers as well, just to keep everything corralled into one area. Having one area where my family knows to go for information helps them to stay connected to one another and keeps them on schedule.

About the Author: Holly Sosa is a  Northern Michigan dwelling wife & hockey mom extraordinaire. Her favorite hobby is jammin’ on her planner. You can follow her adventures on HollyMarieSosa.com