Fun And Thoughtful Photo Gifts For Under $30

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Gifting can be tough; especially when you need to stay within a specific price range. Sometimes, you can find the perfect gift for the people closest to you in a pinch. Other times, it’s your Dad’s birthday and you’re stuck between buying a generic gift card or a department store necktie. Neither option is ideal. 

7 thoughtful gifts under $30

When it comes to not knowing what to gift a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a photo gift; especially one that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are some of our favorite gifts that cost less than $30 

1. Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Personalized Thanksgiving Table Decor

Have a friend that moved into a new house, or want to bring a thoughtful gift to your next Christmas party? Creating a custom bottle label to put on the wine or beverage you gift is a thoughtful way to add a personal touch.

2. All About My… Photo Book

These petite photo books make thoughtful gifts for grandparents, parents, and siblings. There might be some smudges and cross-outs along the way, but that’s what makes the book so special.

Adult female hand shown holding open a small book with the photo of a young girl on the left and multiple lines of text on the right.

These photo books can be a bit kid-centric, but that’s what makes them so cute! This fill-in style photo book displays ten photos with prompts about the person. Kids can fill in what they love most about their family or friends.

Photo Magnets Set

Inspired by the big bright sets of letters & numbers we all grew up with, our Photo Magnets Set of 12 is a bit more stylish but just as entertaining.

Young brunette girl holding a magnet up to the front of a stainless steel refrigerator door where there are a set of photo magnets

We love this gift for kids and grown-ups alike. Customize your magnets to show off your favorite people and places, or tell a story of your latest family adventure.

Bonus: If you prefer a more retro look, check out our Custom Polaroid Photo Magnets. These are a great conversation starter!

Photo Notepads

Who would’ve thought having everyone at home all day every day would still require so much planning! That’s exactly why we love gifting our Weekly Photo Notepads. These pads are a fun and colorful way to keep the whole family on task.

various notepads with photo covers and pencils lying on a gray and white marble table

We equally love the idea of adding an extra special touch to a note for a teacher or a neighbor. Our Cosmopolitan Photo Notepad will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of those special people that help keep your family on track each day.

Festive Llama Photo Memory Game

This fun & festive set of cards features a llama on one side and photos of your favorite people on the other. Our Festive Llama Photo Memory Game  is bound to spread smiles throughout your house this holiday season.

baby sitting with a deck of cards showing matching photos and llamas

This set of funky little llamas also makes a fun but educational game for little ones. Or grab some of your favorite memories from social media and create a unique personalized hostess gift that’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

Perforated Photo Wall Calendar

A calendar is an essential tool in your daily lives, so why not gift a personalized one filled with your favorite photo memories? Our Perforated Wall Calendar features 12 of your favorite photos that you can tear off along perforations and put on display.

Adult blonde female shown holding the page of a hanging wall photo calendar. Silver frame with the photo of a baby boy shown on a shelf next to the calendar.
Bonus: For an additional $10, you can also add a frame to display your photos at the end of each month!

Personalized Photo Card

This one may seem far too simple, but when you can’t find the right message, a photo card can really add that extra thoughtful touch.

Blonde adult female holding a greeting card; a brunette adult female holding a glass coffee cup stands next to the blonde as they both look over the greeting card

So the next time you can’t make it to the party or you want to send a personal thank you, say it with a photo.

You can create a set with 9 unique photos, so you have something special on deck anytime you need a quick last-minute gift. They will appreciate the gesture and the photo can serve as a good conversation starter.

Photo Prints

Anyone else guilty of never swapping out the photos in your frames, like, ever? It me! Give the gift of photo prints to a loved one with a memory you’ve shared together, or maybe photos that have been languishing on their Facebook profile for a while.

Adult female pinning a photo of a young girl along a string holding many other photos against a white wall.

5×5 Framed Print

Sometimes gifting a large framed print can be a gamble, especially if you don’t know what would match someone else’s room or walls. Opting for a small and sweet 5×5 framed print can have just as much impact.

White frame with the photo of three young girls of various ages holding hands outdoors.

These small frames are versatile and can be gifted for teacher appreciation day or a co-worker’s birthday.

Itty Bitty Photo Books

These adorable itty bitty photo books ring in at just $12.99 a piece. If you’re giving to a child, the animal, bug, shape, color, and story variations are the perfect gift.

Small board book with pages fanned open to show a photo of a little boy on the left and multi-colored pages on the right. There are wood blocks and crayons around the book.

The classic photo book version of the itty bitty is fun for all ages.

Remember: It’s not about the price

A small and thoughtful gift can go a long way to remind someone that they’re loved and appreciated. Your friends and family will be sure to remember these thoughtful and personalized gifts for years to come.

Need more inspiration? Check out our gift guide with Gifts under $30.

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