Meet the Designers: Sarah Selby

By Pinhole Press /

Designer Sarah SelbyThe first thing to know about Sarah Selby is that she’d rather you didn’t call her by her first name. “Too many Sarahs out there,” she says. “I prefer to go only by my last name, Selby or Selbs.” Selby is a New England native who grew up in White River Junction, VT and went to college in New Hampshire at Keene State, where she earned her BFA in graphic design.

Selby’s inspiration for her work comes from many sources.

New Custom Designer Holiday Cards by Sarah Selby

“I get inspired by what is around me, whether it be organic or man-made. Depending where I am, it could be a building, a window or flowers,” she explains.

Her preferred style is detailed and whimsical, though she’s often inspired by artists whose work is quite different than her own. She also follows the careers of her design contemporaries and is encouraged by their success as independent businesswomen in the art world.

In addition to loving her work designing cards, prints and fabrics, Selby enjoys traveling whenever she can and spending time with Dede, a Jack Russell terrier she rescued several years ago. She also loves a great cup of coffee, a good manicure, and enough blank paper for doodling whenever inspiration strikes.