How To Customize Your Pinhole Press Wall Calendar

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hanging wall calendar with photo of young boy over the word November and adult female hand shown writing on the day of the week

Looking for a unique but useful gift, without breaking the bank? Our easy-to-personalize Pinhole Press Wall Calendar is a great option!

All our Custom Wall Calendars are printed on premium paper, and are easy to personalize.

See how quickly you can create your very own wall calendar, or skip ahead to our step-by-step tips below.

Colors & Covers

From the calendar page, simply choose a color for your cover, and you’re ready to start customizing.

pinhole press calendar product page with arrow pointing to various color options

Select a cover layout. Click & drag your favorite Layouts format from the left panel into the cover page preview in the center to see your choice in the designer window.

design editor window showing cover layout options on the left side and 2021 calendar cover in the center

Once you select your cover layout, add your text. From the text editor on the right hand side, you can create a title for your calendar.

You can change the Text Color just above your cover title.

calendar design editor window with red 20201 calendar cover displayed in center and prompt pointing to text box on the right

Add Smiles

Now it’s time to select and upload your photos. Our design editor makes it quick and easy to pull photos into your calendar. Just choose to upload from your computer or social media, and then use the filters in the editor window to sort.

design editor window with red wall calendar in center and prompt pointing to add photos feature
design editor window with red wall calendar in center and prompt pointing to drop down of photo filter options on left

Now click & drag your photos to add them to each page of your calendar.

design editor window with wall calendar January page in center and prompts prompting to click and drag photos from left into page at center of editor window

Final Touches

Our guess is that all your friends & family are perfect as is, but if you have a few minutes to spare, our image editor is quick and easy to use. Double click on any photo to edit.

Photo editor window featuring photo of three women and a baby

You have the option to rotate, adjust brightness, or color correct each photo. You can even remove a photo with just one click.

That’s it! You just ensured a year’s worth of smiles in just a few minutes. Now check your work (twice!) and add your new masterpiece to your cart.

design editor showing December calendar page with photo of adult male kneeling in front of a young brunette girl a tennis racket between their two faces

Need a little help with your calendar? No problem, that’s why we’re here! Find us on online chat, or email us via

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