The Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide

By Holly Sosa /

Break out the pastels and cute, critter shaped candies, its Easter basket season. Marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies are classic staples that every kid’s Easter basket should hold, but further than that can be quite the undertaking. This Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide is full of thoughtful, spring inspired ideas that won’t be forgotten or tossed aside the morning after the delicious chocolate bunny has lost its ears (if you don’t eat it ears first, who even are you!)

  1. Create Your Own Rubber Duck Craft Kit
  2. Rain Boots (they have several pattern options!)
  3. Custom Photo Memory Game: This thoughtful gift is perfect for little ones who can’t read yet. It’s also a fun way to preserve your family’s favorite memories in game for to be enjoyed over and over again.
  4. Wood Shape Boards
  5. Picnic Tea Set
  6. Chalk Pastels
  7. Glove-a-Bubbles
  8. Bunny Ear Scrunchies
  9. Wood Eggs
  10. Poke-a-Dot Books
  11. Hide & Squeak Eggs
  12. Bunny Headband
  13. My First Photo Book: I love these durable photo books! My little kiddos can flip through as often as they like. They’ve survived cheese puff fingers, an apple juice spill, and sibling arguments. Since moving across the country, these photo books have also been a great way to keep family close and their faces recognized between visits.
  14. Window Markers
  15. Bunny LipSmackers
  16. Indoor Gardening Kit
  17. Watering Can Set
  18. Peter Rabbit Coloring Book
  19. Butterfly Wings
  20. Octopus Kite
  21. Rainbow Building Blocks
  22. Egg Splat Ball
  23. Giant Bubble Wands
  24. Flower Press Kit
  25. Magic Puffy Pens

With these thoughtful gifts, Easter basket shopping will feel less like dollar bin grabbing and result in gifts that kids can get real use out of. After the chocolate bunny, of course!

Holly Sosa is a  Northern Michigan dwelling wife & hockey mom extraordinaire. Her favorite hobby is jammin’ on her planner. You can follow her adventures on