Board Book Story: Celebrating Family Near & Far

By Abby Tolbert /

We are so fortunate to have most of our family living close to us – and by close, I mean, hey-lets-meet-for-supper-tonight, close. But we do have some family that are a few hours away. While I know that’s hardly “far” for some folks, who have loved ones living in different time zones, it’s still far enough to make seeing them as often as we’d like pretty much impossible.

That’s where these darling little board book of names and faces come in. Pinhole Press offers several different options and styles and I love how durable and well made they are. Landon and Harper have loved looking through their books time and time again, saying each person’s name.


Having a photo of themselves with each family member has made them feel so special and serves as a tangible reminder of just how loved they are by so many.

I love how these books can help bring family members that you may only see a few times a year into daily conversation, when it may otherwise just not come up. For instance, I let Landon, who is almost three, look through his book while he’s sitting in his high chair waiting on me to cook dinner. 

He’ll point out cousins or great aunts he hasn’t seen in a while and I’m able to remind him that they love him and he feels familiar with them, so that the next time we get together, he feels much more connected. And not to mention, it’s adorable.


Harper, although she’s not quite one yet, has been so engaged with her little book of names and faces, too. She always tries to “kiss” the page with Mama and Daddy on it, which melts my heart every time! These books are a perfect size and can grow with my kiddos, which I just love. I know they’ll enjoy their books for years to come. 

Do you have a touching story behind your beloved board book of names and faces? We want to hear from you! Tell us all about it here.


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