How To Enjoy The Small Things with Kelle Hampton

By Abby Tolbert /

If there was a fire in our house, I would grab our Pinhole Press albums.

Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton ( @ETST on Instagram ) has been ordering Pinhole Press gifts since 2013. Before then, Kelle was known to make a stellar scrapbook to celebrate her memories. She fell in love with our gifts as a way to appreciate photos as more than 4×6 prints, and cut down on creation time. Hear from Kelle about how our photo gifts have become part of the Hampton family.

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Super Bowl Inspired Cocktail Recipes

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With the Super Bowl approaching faster than you can say “tailgate,” it’s time to start thinking about what really matters- the food and drinks served at your Super Bowl celebration.

Whether you’re rooting for The Green Bay Packers, The Tennesee Titans, The San Francisco 49ers, or the Kansas City Chiefs, we’ve got a mixed drink recipe that will really get the crowd buzzing.

When you’re done reading, check out our personalized coasters and custom bottle labels for your beer-loving party attendees.

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Things You (Actually) Need for Your New Baby

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Some baby registries seem to stretch on for as long as your most recent CVS receipt; including everything from clothing to toys to bedding. There are so many awesome products out there for babies and new mothers that it can be difficult to determine what’s truly essential. Here are the absolute must-haves for your new baby based on our honest, completely unsponsored opinions: Read More “Things You (Actually) Need for Your New Baby”

Fall Activities that Aren’t Pumpkin Picking

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Autumn is pretty much everyone’s favorite season. The pumpkin spice lattes, the piles of leaves, and the fresh-baked cookies just make you want to curl up in a blanket and never leave your couch’s comforting embrace. While pumpkin and apple picking are solid fall activities, we don’t see the harm in mixing things up. Here are some ideas for some classic fall fun.

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How to Deal When Your Child Steals Something

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Kids are pure-intentioned. They see the goodness in the little things that adults take for granted, like the sound of pots and pans clanging together and the sight of a ceiling fan twirling around the room. But somewhere along the way, children learn the word “no,” and turn into adorable little monsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want, including shiny new toys in the checkout line.  Read More “How to Deal When Your Child Steals Something”