Envelope and Mailing Options for Holiday Cards

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Take the stress out of sending your holiday cards. Pinhole Press offers several envelope and mailing options to save you time.

Address printing options aren’t available for every holiday card, but if they are available for the card you’ve selected, you’ll see this red text under the product listing in your shopping cart. 

Address Printing Options

You have several options for addressing your cards, which you can see here. Please note, all of these options are for U.S. Addresses only.

This demonstration shows the Address My Cards For Me option and the ‘Return and Recipient Addresses’ option. First select the correct Return Address, then click on Select Recipient Addresses.

How to Add Recipient Addresses

There are instructions on the right for entering in the addresses. You can enter each one individually, or you can copy and paste directly from an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet. For best results, you’ll want to make sure your spreadsheet headings match up to the ones listed on the website.

Once you’ve pasted all of your addresses and made sure everything looks okay, you’ll check the box to the left of each address you want included, or if you want to send your entire list, you can just click on this top box and it’ll check all of your addresses at once. Then hit ‘Use Selected Addresses’ and you’re done!

Be sure to check that the number listed here matches up to the number of cards you’re expecting to send, and if it doesn’t, you can click on ‘Select Recipient Addresses’ again and make your adjustments.

About Pinhole Press Holiday Cards

Pinhole Press offers a variety of layouts including folded, flat, accordion, jumbo and trifold holiday cards. Custom holiday cards showcase single or multiple photos, depending on the design you choose. Select cards offer the option to print your card on ultra thick paper to make it rigid and sure to last.

Need a little help with your holiday cards? No problem, that’s why we’re here! Find us on online chat, or email us via support@pinholepress.com.

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