A Love Story Told By Photo Books

By Anna Calvin /
We met in our 9th-period Geometry class our sophomore year of high school. Seth and I both live in Findlay, OH. We dated throughout high school and fell in love within weeks of dating. Everyone told us not to get too serious and plan our lives around each other because most high school relationships don’t last. We didn’t really listen to that advice because we were teenagers and knew we would last.

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5 Things to Pack for College that Students Forget

By Abby Tolbert /

Homecoming, prom, and graduation day are all officially visible in the rearview mirror. You’ve spent your summer on camping excursions, late-night fast food runs, and on Netflix rewatching “The Office” for the third consecutive time. As the leaves begin to change and new Septembers are visible on the horizon, college preparations are on the minds of many recent high school grads.

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