How To Enjoy The Small Things with Kelle Hampton

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Hardcover square photo book by Pinhole Press

If there was a fire in our house, I would grab our Pinhole Press albums.

Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton ( @ETST on Instagram ) has been ordering Pinhole Press gifts since 2013. Before then, Kelle was known to make a stellar scrapbook to celebrate her memories. She fell in love with our gifts as a way to appreciate photos as more than 4×6 prints, and cut down on creation time. Hear from Kelle about how our photo gifts have become part of the Hampton family.

The first photo gift that Kelle ordered was our memory game – a 12 photo matching game. Since then Kelle has customized a bin full of board books, seven annual family hardcover books, two refrigerators worth of magnets, countless large wall calendars for family, and most recently – a softcover photo book of summer memories in Michigan.

Pinhole Press custom photo board book
Pinhole Press yearly photo book by Kelle Hampton
Pinhole Press photo book used for yearly annual photo book by Kelle Hampton
photo credit to Kelle Hampton

Our books are left out on the coffee table. We’ll spend five minutes looking at one spread, pointing and telling stories, and remembering. This is a really good year for that. Photo gifts take a whole new meaning for grandparents and loved ones.

We think that photo books have to be the amazing trips we took or a big event, and there are so many moments within our home, of everyday life that we’ve lived this year, that would make a beautiful album. That’s my specialty – making something extraordinary of the ordinary.

Kelle Hampton and her Family
How to enjoy the small things with Kelle Hampton and Pinhole Press

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