DIY Create A Gallery Wall with Smartphone Photos

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I am a mom on a mission to make my house a home – a place that feels safe, warm and inviting for all.  And like most moms, I’m a sucker for a photo gallery wall.

I discovered Pinhole Press three years ago when making a family photo book for my toddler. I enjoyed the quality and unique offerings, so I never used any other printing service since then. 

I like to swap out the photos in our photo gallery wall every so often. I’ll sift through my phone to find the best of the best pictures to upload, print & frame.

That’s right, I take my own pictures right from my phone because I can capture authentic, genuine moments with ease.

This is the way to go if you have little ones that could never sit still through family portraits. Once printed, these can turn out every bit as stunning as professional photos! 

For this photo gallery update, I really switched things up.

From an awkward nook…

I painted the wall to visually open up the space. Swapped out mismatched hardware on the doors, and brought in some greenery. Last but not least, I chose the size and number of frames to compliment the space. 

If you look at my before photo, I had three awkward frames that didn’t fill the wall.  A sight that was both lacking and underwhelming.

…to a showcase wall

Going for five square prints made sense for this long narrow strip.

I also framed one subject individually. In the past, I had showcased matted group photos where everyone was far away, small and hard to see. But this didn’t really show off much of anything. 

Choosing black and whites for this project allowed me to pick from a variety of photos. The originals could have all different colors and backdrops that otherwise would have clashed.

To finish things off, I installed a gallery photo light. This downlight will really draw attention to what I’ve worked so hard on.

I think these smiling faces will stay in our hallway for a long time to come!

Learn about all Pinhole Press framed prints in the video below.

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