How to Thrive and Not Just Survive Virtual School

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We’re excited to share that we’ve found a brand new way to keep our customers smiling! We are using our platform for good by hosting Live Sessions with different experts, professionals, and general good people to inspire, connect and promote memory keeping in all of its forms. Especially photography! Follow along via IG TV, YouTube, and here, on our blog.

This week’s expert is a longtime friend of the Pinhole Press team, Bree Hester! Bree is the blogger, photographer, and videographer behind Baked Bree is a place where you will find great recipes and inspiration for your next family adventure. 

Bree’s background is in education. She taught elementary and middle school and loved being a teacher. Specifically, Bree taught math and reading in both regular and special education classrooms before she “retired” and became a stay at home mom, which then morphed into being a blogger and food photographer. Her kids participated in virtual school prior to the pandemic (from Germany!), so her insight on this subject is truly unique and valuable.

“Regardless of how we feel about the current situation, this is still our kids’ school year, and school is really important to them.”

Bree Hester

Watch our chat with Bree below to learn from her first-time highs and lows of virtual school, and make virtual school a breeze for your kids, and you!

4 Key Takeaways

Work Space

Kids don’t need a dedicated space because they move around throughout the day; they are used to movement throughout the day to get the classroom, going to the bathroom, walking the hallways.  Make use of counter and floor space! 

It’s more practical to have a school tote or bin that moves around the house with your child. Fill the bin or tote with highlighters, pencils, index cards, calculators, chargers, etc. – anything that the child will use throughout their day!

Virtual School is School

Go through the motions as if you would a regular school day – as if you’re going to put them on the bus! Have your child get up, brush teeth, get dressed, have breakfast, and be “ready to go” for their school day.

Have a Good Attitude

You set the tone and create the environment that your child will thrive within. If you are stressed and anxious, then your child may feed off of that.  Be wary of letting stress of outside things dictate how your child feels about school.

Do the Best With What you Have

Because that’s all that can be expected of you! All parents aren’t teachers, but all parents were their child’s first teacher.  If you have to work full time while being home with your child, and they are a distraction to you both – try giving them a book so that they are still productive, but you reclaim some quiet time. If you have time to spend with your child during the school day, and they are having trouble focussing, your child can still learn from other activities such as baking or cooking together – which is based on math and science!

Bonus: Document Your Days

Time flies! Leave your camera (or smartphone) on the counter to take videos and pictures throughout your days. You’ll be amazed by the progression, and be so glad that you did.

About the Author

Bree Hester is the blogger, photographer, and videographer behind Baked Bree is a place where you will find great recipes and inspiration for your next family adventure. Follow along with all of her adventures on Instagram @BreeHester

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