How To Customize Your Pinhole Press Board Book

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photo credit to Tristan Bouc

Our sturdy, glossy-coated board books are a must-have for the little ones in your life. Personalizing an entire book of photos may seem like a serious undertaking, but we’re here to help!

Read along to customize your next board book with ease.

If you’re new around here, our Custom Board Book of Names & Faces is a great place to start. The book itself is sturdy, to keep up with the most active little hands. But the real magic happens when your photos meet our pages.

Shiny, Happy People

The large (5×5″) glossy pages of this book are begging for closeups. This is the perfect time to dig out the selfies and let those huge smiles shine.

book page editor window with red Add Photos button on the bottom half
book edit window with social media icons to select for photo upload
photo file selection window with multiple files selected for upload

Pro Tip: Upload a bunch of photos at the same time & look more closely at them in our light table editor. You can pull photos from your computer or social media, and then use our filters to sort them by date taken or file name, and drag them into your board book.

Once you have uploaded your photos, you can simply drag & drop them into the pages of your book.

your uploaded photos along the bottom of the board book edit window

Feeling Fancy?

You’ve chosen the photos and dropped them into each page. Now you can have some real fun! Double-click on any photo to adjust its size or brightness.

internal book page with prompt to double click photo to edit

You can even rotate or color-correct any photo from the same window.

photo of a dog in red necktie with prompt to adjust size or color in editor window

Now you feel like your book needs a little something more. Color! Click on Layout to change the color of any page.

Editor window showing drag & drop area for photo and prompt to update layout

Or use the text editor on the right to change the color of any text. Or…both!

board book interior page editor with options to change text size and color
book cover page editor window with options to change text size and color

There Are No Rules!

Who are we to say that Mom is on page one and the Cousins get stuck on page nine? You’re the boss. You can include photos that feature one family member or multiple. And these pages are yours to put in any order you like. That’s why next to the add (+) and remove (-) pages icons, you’ll see a set of arrows to reorder your pages.

page editor window with icons for adding or removing pages

Just a couple of clicks and you’re ready to preview the pages in their new order.

page editor window with arrows icon to rearrange order of pages
move page window with options to review and confirm page order changes

All that’s left to do is review your work & add to cart.

inside book page with text editor and prompt to confirm edits before adding to cart

We would never play favorites around here…but we don’t mind if YOU do! Our Custom Board Book of Names & Faces makes it to the top of our customer favorites list year after year.

Need a little help with your board book? No problem, that’s why we’re here! Find us on chat, or email us via

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