How To Customize Your Pinhole Press Holiday Cards

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Photo card featuring 2 adults holding young girl with text overlapping in white reading Happy Everything

Raise your hand if you try to cram three days worth of tasks in during your morning coffee. Anyone? Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Here at Pinhole Press we understand how every minute of your day is gold, so we made it simple to print your memories into precious holiday cards.

What if we told you your holiday cards could look like they took hours to create, but you really only need about 10 minutes?

Narrow Down The Choices

Let our filters help you with the basics. Choose your theme, color, paper thickness, and even orientation with just a few clicks.

product filters for theme, format, paper, and design

Many of our holiday cards will also let you choose a color theme in just one click.

photo card front and "joy" on the back with options for color theme and customize button

Since that took less than 60 seconds, you’re probably wondering how customizing holiday cards could take an entire 10 minutes. Well, it’s time to choose your photos. But don’t fret!

Drag & Drop

So you see, you can import multiple images at a time from your device or social media. Once uploaded, drag and drop photos into your card.

photo upload window with icons for social media and area to drag & drop photos
photo selection window with multiple files selected to upload

Our goal is to make selecting and placing your photos totally stress free!

photo placement and editor screen

Edit your photos right in our gift designer. Just double-click your photo to crop, rotate, or color correct your photo.

photo editor window with option to change rotation, color, or brightness level

Check Your Work & Check Out!

This is the part where we sound like your old school teacher & ask you to slow down and check your spelling. Make sure to take a couple of seconds to review your holiday wishes for typos.

card review screen to confirm photo layout and cover text

That’s it! Click Add to Cart, select your quantity and get on with your day.

holiday card back cover with the word "joy" and prompts to edit text and add to cart

If you want to continue with time savings, add return or recipient address printing at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! You’re just a few clicks away from customized holiday cards that you’ll be proud of sending.

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