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DIY makeup cheetah costume for Halloween

As a mom, Halloween is serious business. Between finding the last Moana costume for your daughter to making a DIY pirate’s hat, there is little time to make your own costume plans for Halloween before it is 3:30 pm on October 31st.

We’ve got a few fun DIY Halloween costumes for Mom that are quick to put together, and use things that you already have in your closet.

The DIY costume ideas featured below go from basic to a little more advanced. All take under 20 minutes to put together!

Costume Idea #1 – The Cat

This is the most basic “costume” for Mom to put together, and it still looks super cute. All you need for this costume is black clothing and some eyeliner. For the outfit, simply wear all black. Next, for your makeup, use black eyeliner to draw a small triangle on your nose that you will color in. Next draw 6 dots on your upper lip area, 3 on each side. Lastly, draw whiskers coming out from the upper lip part of your face, 3 whiskers on each side should do the trick. If you want to get fancy, you can curl your hair to be big and wavy, and throw on some cat ears you might have buried in the closet. Cat costume complete!

Costume Idea #2 – The Scarecrow

This is another simple costume, but not as basic as the cat. All you need for this costume is a flannel shirt and a little bit of makeup. The outfit can be as easy as wearing a flannel with jeans.

The bulk of the costume is the makeup, which really makes the look. First, take some extra blush or pink/orange eyeshadow, and make a circle on the apples of your cheeks. Put on a good amount so it shows. This can be done with a makeup brush or Q-tip. Next, take your eyeliner and draw lines out from the creases of your lips as if to extend your smile on both sides. Put little hash marks down the lines to create a “stitch” effect. Next, take the eyeliner again and draw a triangle on the tip of your nose. The triangle should take up the whole base of your nose, and go ahead and add stitch marks to that too. Last, but not least, put on some heavy eyeliner and mascara to accentuate the eyes. You can play around and put stitch marks on other parts of your face too.

If you want to curl your hair to make it wavy that is a fun detail, but if you don’t have time for this step, two low-pigtails will work just fine.

Costume Idea #3 – The Cheetah

This costume is the most advanced of the 3, but packs a bigger punch! Again this costume only requires an all-black outfit and makeup. The most intricate part of the look is the makeup, but with easily broken downsteps, even an amateur can pull it off! The best part is, there is no perfect way to do it, so you can add and subtract things as you like. All you need for completing this Cheetah face is  – light liquid concealer/highlighter/white eyeshadow, dark contour/bronzer/dark eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and brown eyeshadow. Each piece of makeup you need can be substituted with different products if you don’t have them handy. Watch the video below to see how to make this look come to life!

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