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All About Me Photo Book for your Birthday Milestone

Isn’t it strange how you don’t really feel the passing of time until you have kids? My husband and I have been together for about 12 years and yet, it felt as if time was standing still until we had our minis. Suddenly, each small marker of passing time grew more significant. She’s xx weeks old! Then it’s months and before you know it, you’re waking up on the morning of another birthday asking yourself, where did the time go?

I didn’t know I’d be such a sentimental mom, but here I am, documenting the girls with my 3rd 365 project and conducting annual birthday interviews and photoshoots.

Capturing Birthday Milestones

Of all the documenting I do, I really look forward to the birthday interview. I love traditions and it’s something we can plan on every year (so long as they still want to talk to me). 🙂  It’s amazing seeing the changes in just a year and I know it will be so fun for the girls to look back on when they’re older.

At this point, I don’t shoot video, so although I take a cell phone recording of the interview, I rely on pictures from her birthday to help reinforce the feeling of the day. Though I send the girls an email with the interview and accompanying photos, I was psyched when I stumbled upon the Pinhole Press “All About Me” photo book. I print our calendars and the girls “sisters” books through them every year, so I knew I would love it and it did not disappoint!

I ordered the book as a surprise for E (my oldest). It was so easy to make (which I love about their products). I chose an image that represented the fun we had on her birthday for the front cover and one of my favorite images from the year as the back cover. I then picked 10 questions from the interview, found images that corresponded and ordered the book within minutes. Next, I planned a special date for the two of us, where I surprised her with the book and asked her to help me fill in her answers.

This went pretty much as you’d expect– some answers changed when asked again, lots of excitement over her hot chocolate, lots of napkins and spills and lastly, lots of giggles over the photos and memories in the book, #thisis4.

Birthday Milestone Fill in Photo Book open

The All About Me Photo Book by Pinhole Press

Birthday Milestone Fill in Photo Book by Pinhole Press

I embraced her dirty fingernails and the hot chocolate on her teeth and shot away. One of the best parts was helping her spell and write her answers. Next year I’m sure she’ll be reading the questions back to me and writing things without much help. Guess I’ll have to work on my video skills after all. 🙂 This was such a fun date for us and something I’m really looking forward to adding to our annual birthday traditions.

Without further ado, Miss Eleanor Jean’s Birthday Interview- Age 4.

All About Me Birthday Milestone Interview


About the Author Vicki Mello

About the Author
Hi, I’m Vicki a motherhood and family photographer, working and residing in Rhode Island. In addition to documenting my clients’ family stories, you can find me chasing my minis with my camera, brunching at my favorite local coffee shop and driving too fast on the high of a great find from TJ Maxx (#maxxinista). I’m also the proud owner of the most defiant dog in existence and his lovely and unwavering sidekick. I’m constantly inspired by my family, my clients, travel and the good ole’ September Issue. My art and passion is capturing fleeting moments in motherhood, childhood and documenting the truth and beauty of family life.

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