DIY Fall Faux Leather Drink Markers

By Catherine Cardona /

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so that means setting the table with your favorite plates and décor, gathering up friends and family, and feasting on an amazing meal. With so many guests at the house, it can get confusing whose wine glass is whose. Next thing you know, you have half-full glasses of wine everywhere- and no idea which one was yours! And we don’t want a drop of wine wasted, right? How about creating these easy and affordable personalized drink markers for everyone in the group? They’re perfect for Thanksgiving, and everyone can take them home after. They’ll match any Thanksgiving table setting with their traditional colors, plus teal for a fun pop of color! But, the best part is that you can make them in any color palette you wish.

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The Best and Worst Coloring Supplies for Kids

By Steph Skardal /

Best Coloring Utensils for Kids

Hi there! Mom of two small, very creative, and crafty pre-school aged kids (and one baby), scrubber of walls, and owner of paint-stained items. Do you love the idea of purchasing a crafty gift for your little one, but you aren’t up to date on exactly which options to choose? Or are you interested in adding to your own set of craft supplies? If so, we’ve got the rundown on some great and not-so-great ones to add to your mix!

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