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Christmas Pouch Gift

I’m not sure about you guys, but I love crafting at Christmas time! However, things can get hectic, so I’m always on the lookout for fun and easy projects that also serve a purpose.  That’s why I created these fun gift pouches!

They’re perfect for packing up small gifts or cookie mixes, plus they’re reusable! Can’t beat being cute AND eco-friendly. With just a little bit of paint and some creativity, you’ll have a unique set of gift pouches for friends and family. You can even get the kids involved- they’re THAT easy!

Christmas Pouch Cardboard
You will need:
  • Muslin pouches 
  • Thin, rounded paintbrushes
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paint
  • Ribbon 
  • Confetti or tissue paper (optional) 
Christmas Pouch Paint
How to:
  1. Cut out cardboard to the size of your pouch, and place it inside to stop the paint from bleeding through to the other side.
  2. Paint designs onto your pouch. I used a modern palette with 2 shades of pink, bright red, dark green, and mint green. You can use whatever colors you prefer!
  3. For the designs, I did easy dots and stripes, plus Christmas messages like HO HO HO and FA LA LA. I kept it a little messy and fun, but you can use painter’s tape for straight lines or the back of the paintbrush for perfect dots. For your letters, paint a line going down, then go back up so that it has a perfectly round edge instead of trailing off in an unfinished shape.

Christmas Pouch Paint Details

Fill your bags with gifts, like mini wine bottles or gift cards. You can fill in the empty space with tissue paper or confetti.

These pouches would also be perfect for cookie mixes! In a baggie, place all the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie along with a cute printout of the recipe. I went with a basic sugar cookie with sprinkles, but you could go with one of these fun cookies from Pinhole Press’s 2018 Holiday Cookie Bake Off!

Christmas Pouch Cake Mix
Christmas Pouch Bottle

Once you’ve added your gifts, close your pouch. You can keep the drawstrings it comes with, or remove them and add a ribbon as I did. Pop on a gift tag and you’re all set! These pouches are perfect for teacher’s gifts, secret Santa, or in the place of stocking stuffers. Tasty cookie mixes are perfect gifts for PTA members and neighbors.

Christmas Pouch Gift

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