DIY Personalized Bookmarks

By Holly Sosa /

My kiddos head back to school next week and we’re gearing up for the season with backpacks and binders and pencils galore. Both of my kiddos love to read and set lofty reading goals each school year, so I thought I’d use some of my leftover Photo Sticker Sheets from my previous projects to create a few fun DIY Personalized Bookmarks for their reading. 

I started with some fun patterned scrapbook paper and trimmed it down to bookmark size. 


I added a sticker to the very top.

And then laminated it to make it more durable for the school year.

My kiddos love their new bookmarks. It was so easy and since everyone in our family is a big reader, I made a few for all of us. I even made one for myself of my chickens!


Once I got started, I couldn’t stop and admittedly went a little over the top and made bookmarks for everyone I could think of! I made a few for my recently retired mother, my dad, and my grandparents each got one. 

I love a simple DIY like this one. It only takes a few minutes and kids can easily help with it too. 


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