Parenting a Toddler While Pregnant

By Abby Tolbert /

Your feet are swollen like balloons, and the kid watching cartoons in your living room is just as demanding as the one that’s chillin’ in your womb. (Who, by the way, is single-handedly rearranging your vital organs.) They say women are good at multitasking, but parenting and growing a baby at the same time brings a whole new level of difficulty to the table. Here’s how to survive:

Let Go of Expectations

 Your home is not going to be immaculate. In fact, it might look like a bonafide construction zone most of the time. Don’t feel guilty for avoiding vacuuming or cleaning the toilets, because seriously, you’re well within your rights to “slack off” a little bit.

Make Sleep a Priority

Easier said than done, sure. But your body and mind will thank you for taking a nap while your little does and opting to get a good night’s sleep instead of binging yet another Netflix series. (Side bar: Have you watched “Dead to Me” yet? It’s awesome.)

Encourage Independence in Your Toddler

Little ones can be stage 5 clingers, especially when they’re worried about taking a backseat to their new sibling. But if you ask them to help with small chores, like sorting silverware or putting away laundry, it’ll help them keep busy and feel accomplished. 

Play in Ways You Can Handle

 Forget jumping, running, skipping, or any strenuous activity; especially in this heat! Stationary play, like puzzles, board games, and kid-friendly video games can help you stay engaged without getting exhausted.

Minimize Errand Running

 Welcome to 2019, where you can get pretty much anything delivered to your doorstep. If you can weasel your way around running to the grocery store, do so! If you must leave the house, though, try to get everything done in one trip.

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