Thanksgiving Games to Play this Year

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Unique Thanksgiving Games to Play

Smack dab in the middle of the ghouls and the garland is the “gobble gobble” of Thanksgiving. While its neighboring holidays boast trick-or-treating and tree lightings, Thanksgiving can sometimes leave a lot to be desired in terms of its fun-factor.

Here are our top ideas to start a new, FUN, family tradition!

  1. Macy’s Day Parade Bingo: The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade often finds itself as nothing more than television background noise. Keep the kids tuned into the action with scavenger hunt bingo. If there are prizes involved, we can guarantee they’ll be glued to the screen.
  2. Family Photographer Game: Sometimes it’s easy to forget to capture the moments that we’ve worked so tirelessly to create. This game puts the responsibility of documenting the day’s events into the hands of the kiddos. The rules are simple: the participant who takes the pictures with the most guests wins. While the photos may feature a thumb or two, the results are sure to be hilarious.
  3. Who Did That?: A fun, easy way to catch up with and learn more about the crazy folks we call family. Here’s how it works: everyone jots down something funny, interesting, or unbelievable that they’ve done in their lifetime and it’s up to the guests to decide who owns the act. We can almost guarantee that you’ll be in stitches over the hysterical antics of your family members. 
  4. Shake Your Tail Feathers: Channel your inner turkey! All you’ll need to shake up some Thanksgiving fun is an empty tissue box, colorful craft feathers, and string. Decorate the tissue box to your liking, fill it with the feathers, and tie it around your waist so that it rests on your lower back. Move, groove, and wiggle like crazy until the colorful feathers are strewn around the room like confetti. The best part about this game? It makes for the most epic Instagram boomerang ever.
  5. Five More Ideas: For the visual learner, check out this video from “The Today Show” with 5 more ideas for cheap entertainment at your family members’ expense. Kathie Lee and Hoda’s unparalleled enthusiasm is sure to bring on all the festive feels.

Don’t get stuck twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the turkey to be ready. For football un-enthusiasts, this is the year to try out some new activities that could help foster warm family traditions for years to come. So don’t be shy, give ’em a try!

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