5 Simple Steps to Create a Photo Wall Calendar

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Photo Wall Calendar

Whether it’s birthdays, weekend plans or just notes to remember, there is something nice about hanging a calendar on your wall. Perhaps it’s because you grew up with them or the fulfillment of putting pen to paper. Whatever it is, it is comforting to see your month laid out in front of you to keep track of all the little things that can get lost in-between emails.

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Organizing in the New Year

By Margaret Williams /

Organizing in the New Year

Here we are! After many wonderful and wild weeks of celebrating, gifting and general merriment, it is a new year! 2018. Just saying it (much less writing it) always fills me with a weird excitement about all that is ahead and unknown. And with that excitement always comes a twinge of worry about how best to start the new year off right. Never fear fellow worriers – I have just the solution! January is the perfect time to view your home with a fresh set of eyes and give your space a major (or not so major) once over. Follow along…
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Holiday Baking Traditions

By Terri Gilson /

Shortbread cookies

Every Christmas morning we’d wake up to an empty glass and a plate of crumbs. That’s how we knew he’d been there. In the days leading up to the big event, we’d be busy baking him shortbread cookies, taking extra care to ensure they were perfect because, of course, they had to be Santa-worthy. Then we’d put them on a plate, with a drink (I wish I could say it was milk) and anticipate his arrival and enjoyment of our special treat. It was tradition.

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9 Creative Gifts for Kids Under $50

By Lauren Koster /

Hi Pinhole Press shoppers! I’m Lauren Koster, owner of Lauren Koster Creative, an event planning business and lifestyle blog, and I’m a mom to an imaginative almost-three-year-old. He’s at that magic age where there is nothing specific on his list, but he is excited about everything! Lately, he loses it (in the best way) when I bring him home cool socks. It’s going to make stuffing his stocking and filling under the tree easy and fun! I also have a young niece and nephew to buy for who are a little more challenging.

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