9 Creative Gifts for Kids Under $50

By Lauren Koster /

Hi Pinhole Press shoppers! I’m Lauren Koster, owner of Lauren Koster Creative, an event planning business and lifestyle blog, and I’m a mom to an imaginative almost-three-year-old. He’s at that magic age where there is nothing specific on his list, but he is excited about everything! Lately, he loses it (in the best way) when I bring him home cool socks. It’s going to make stuffing his stocking and filling under the tree easy and fun! I also have a young niece and nephew to buy for who are a little more challenging.

I want to find special gifts that are unique, creative or educational and also fun, but don’t break the bank. As our families keep growing, so does our gifting list!  Here are my picks for kid toys under $50 that will check off mine and the kiddo’s lists.

1. “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” –  I was on a positive-message book kick last year and picked a few for my son. This sweet book is our favorite and conveys a message about being a good person that even a two-year-old can grasp.

2. World Traveler Pretend Play – We are a family that loves to travel. We have made it a priority in our lives and have taken our son to Greece, Iceland and around the U.S. but, it’s not always possible to go on big trips, so in between trips this pretend travel set is the perfect gift to keep them as excited as we are for our next adventure!

3. Melissa and Doug Pantry Play Food – One of my son’s favorite toys is his play kitchen, we only stocked it with a few items when we bought it for him, so it’s fun to add new grocery items and watch his menu expand.

4. Tool set – When your mama is a DIY blogger (or your dad is a handyman) you’ve been around your share of power tools. It’s only fitting to have a set of your own. I love how these come with nuts and bolts and objects to work the fine motor skills.

5. Knit unicorn stuffed animal – As a kid, my holiday wishlist wasn’t complete without a stuffed animal on it. It’s only fitting that I add the cutest, most magical unicorn to this gift guide.

6. Pinhole Press Memory Game – This is one of our favorites! We bring it on trips and play in airports and hotels, we share it with our friends so they can meet our family that lives across the country. It is so fun to watch your kid’s face light up as they turn over the card to find their nana or even their own face.

7. Design your own superhero cape – This gift might be my favorite yet. It’s creative in two ways. First, you have to dream up what superhero you want to be, then you have to create it. Then you get to pretend you’re the superhero! Plus this gift would be perfect under the tree for my niece, my nephew or my son.

8. Kids Apron Set – At our house we love baking! It’s a weekly activity. I know how excited my little is to help out and also to play dress up. I can’t wait to see him “play chef” with this set!

to create a cool art and design project that you’ll be proud to display in your home once you’ve completed it. Yes, this gift is a little deceiving to put on the under $50 list, because it is an automatic renewing subscription, but at $22.95/month for under $50 you could get a couple special deliveries.

9.Lucky Bums Sled – Unless you live in California, every kid needs a sled! Since my son is still a little guy, I picked a sled that can fit mom and babe and has a pull rope because it’s hard for a little to walk in snowpants and boots!

Thank you so much for checking out my list! With the flood of sale flyers and catalogs, it’s tough to find creative and meaningful gifts that don’t come from your one-stop store. I hope there is something on this list that your kiddo or a kiddo on your list would love! If you like what you see here follow me on Instagram and check out my blog for more gift guides.

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