Guide to Customizing a Photo Card

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Joy Holiday Card by Pinhole Press

Here’s everything you need to make the process of ordering custom cards even easier. See the difference in paper type, as well as envelope and delivery options. 

1. Filter Your Options

To help narrow your options, use the filters at the top of each of our main card pages.

Greeting Cards:

Pinhole Press Greeting Card Filters

Holiday Cards:

Holiday Card Filter Options

 2.  Foil Cards

Foil Photo Cards are created by a process known as foil stamping, pressing, or printing. Foil printing involves applying a metallic foil to paper for a decorative finish. This additional step in the printing process adds a little production time to your order.

3. Ultrathick vs. Standard Card Thickness

Our Ultrathick Cards are created by a process of gluing together multiple sheets of premium, superfine paper. This process creates a rigid final product that is thicker than most common holiday cards.  

Ultrathick Pinhole Press Card vs. Standard

4. Happy Holidays Envelopes

Our Happy Holiday envelopes are available for a small selection of holiday cards.   

Custom Photo Cards with Envelopes that say Happy Holidays

5. Recipient & Return Address Printing

Save time by printing your return and recipient addresses on your envelopes. Follow these 3 simples steps or watch this video.

  1. Customize your photo holiday card and add it to your Cart.
  2. In your cart, select ‘Envelope and Mail’ Options
  3. Select your preferences, then ‘Finalize & Add to Cart’

Envelope and Mail Options for Pinhole Press

6. Stamp & Mail Shipping Method

We will print, stamp, and mail your card for you!  Follow these 3 steps (or watch this video) to learn how to stamp and mail a custom photo card.

  1. Personalize your photo card and add it to your Cart.
  2. In Check Out, under Shipping Methods, select Stamp & Mail.

Stamp and Send a Custom Photo Greeting Card

6. Self-Adhesive Envelopes

For a selection of our card sizes, we provide envelopes that are self adhesive – no more licking! Simply pull off the wax strip and press your card closed.

Available for all cards of the following sizes: A7 & A2

Unavailable for all cards of the following sizes: A10, A4, Happy Holiday Envelopes, 6.5 x 6.5” Square, 5.5 x 5.5” Square, and Bar

self adhesive envelopes for pinhole press photo cards

self adhesive envelopes for Pinhole Press photo cards

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