Grandma and Grandpa Live Far Away? Your Baby can Still Bond with Them.

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Babies and toddlers love to look at faces, and research has demonstrated that the brains of infants who are just four months old can process faces almost as well as adults’ brains do. Faces captivate your child’s attention, and expressions with open eyes and smiles rank as preferred choices.

With the help of Pinhole Press, you can learn how to create a board book that will bring your family together in one place and help your child learn the faces of loved ones who aren’t able to regularly visit. Early exposure to books encourages an affinity for reading, and the Mini Book of Names and Faces targets your baby’s favorite gaze-worthy subject: faces.

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Learn Names

The more a young child sees a face, the sooner that face will be remembered. By six to nine months’ of age, infants can recognize faces they see once per week. If the exposure is daily, recognition happens even faster. Having a personalized Mini Book of Names and Faces gives you and your child a way to see the faces of out-of-town loved ones as often as you’d like.

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Build Vocabulary

Children begin labeling what they see around them with words at around 11 to 14 months’ of age, and the Mini Book of Names and Faces is a valuable vocabulary building tool. In addition to familiar faces, include pictures of pets or favorite playthings to reinforce new word acquisition. Your baby will relish the sight of beloved toys and familiar household objects as she hears you read their names from the book, and when she is ready, reads them back to you.

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Limitless Ideas

Put your creativity to work and let the Mini Book of Names and Faces showcase your ideas. Teach your child colors, for example, by grouping her favorite toys according to color, photographing them and creating a book about color. Do the same for numbers or shapes. Make her favorite pet or toy the star of its own book with a simple plot and basic sequence of action. Let your imagination be your guide and create a book your child will cherish.

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A Treasured Keepsake

Not only is the Mini Book of Names and Faces an educational toy and family bonding tool, it’s also a wonderful keepsake. Unlike generic board books that your child will read and outgrow, this personalized volume will be kept as a reminiscence of childhood that can be treasured for years to come.

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