Melting Moments Christmas Cookies

By Rachel Castro /

Baking Christmas cookies is always a tradition that I celebrate with my Mom every holiday season. Now that I live 2 hours away from her, it’s the thing I look most forward to! We spend the weekend listening to our favorite Christmas music and whipping up all of our family favorite cookie recipes passed all the way down from my great-great-grandma (as you can see by the faded writing and very messy recipe cards.) We bake really early so we can mail out a tin to my siblings and then freeze the rest (minus some for late night snacks) and pull them out around Christmas. The holidays are crazy enough so it feels good to get the holiday baking out of the way early!

Melting moments is in the top three of my favorites we make each year. They’re such a simple recipe – 6 ingredients total and a unique texture and taste that really stands out on that festive cookie tray.

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A Tale of Two Moms

By Rachel Castro /

There’s no right or wrong way to do motherhood, and there are as many different styles as there are moms in the world. For many women, raising children is only part of the story: Career, creative passions and kids are all part of the grand mix that makes them who they are. We talked to two mothers about their journey to go back to work — and how they find happiness in doing it all.

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