Toddler Bedroom Hacks

By Abby Tolbert /

Maybe your tot has a small room, or maybe you’re just trying to keep your ducks in a row. Either way, organization is key when it comes to managing your torpedo of a toddler. Here are our favorite space hacks.

Clothespins on regular hangers: Instead of buying new baby hangers, use this nifty hack to make the hangers you already have suitable for constantly growing baby clothes.

Baby Sock Catcher: If regular socks get eaten by the dryer, you can be sure that tiny baby socks will disappear into thin air when laundry day rolls around. Use a small mesh sock catcher to keep everything neat and tidy.

Use a hanging shoe organizer: Over the door storage is a game-changer. If you’ve ever had an over-the-door compartmentalized shoe storage system, you know that it frees up SO much space. Use one of these for your baby’s room to keep clothes clean and compact.

Think Vertically: Utilize your wall space with shelves, or try out hanging some cage-wire metal bins on the wall vertically. Embellish the bins with stuffed animals for added storage +an adorable touch.

Use a decorative ladder: Ladders are IT right now in terms of home decor storage, and they’re a great place to keep the influx of baby blankets and quilts you have lying around.

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