Nanny Cams or Nanny Cam-Nots?

By Abby Tolbert /

There are plenty of valid arguments to support or condemn the use of in-home surveillance, but we’re not here to debate the ethics of creeping on your caretaker. Should you be a passenger on the Nanny Cam train, here’s how to keep your kids safe and sound without getting sued (or seeming creepy).

States have the rights: What you can and can’t record in your own home largely depends on which state you live in. There are 13 states where recording in “private” places such as a bathroom or personal bedroom is illegal. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Be Transparent: Remember, you’re trusting this regular sized human to watch your tiny human(s)! With this being said, chatting with them about which of your house plants is actually a camera should be NBD. Reassure him/her that it’s not a matter of trust, but rather, your peace of mind.

Choose your camera wisely: The internet is flooded with hundreds of nanny cams that are priced anywhere from $100-$500. Generally, a middle-of-the-line cam is your best bet as they have optimal safety features, without all of the bells and whistles. Here is a list of some reputable options.

Prevent Against Hackers: Ughhh. It’s so disheartening that this precaution even has to be taken. BUT, taking steps like changing your WiFi password regularly and turning off cams that aren’t being used can help your family feel safe.

Trust Your Gut: If you know you’ll feel more comfortable with cameras in place, absolutely go for it. Remember, Mom, your #1 priority is keeping your kiddos out of harm’s way and making sure that you can enjoy a stress-free night out of the house.

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