Fun-Sized DIYs for Kids

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Fun-Sized DIYs for Kids

Do you ever look at your kid and think, why are you so obsessed with me? Our little ones love to copy all that we do, especially when it comes to our… unbecoming habits. *sigh* If only we could get them to model our love of broccoli like they do our (accidental) use of colorful language.

These adulting-inspired DIYs are fun as hell (oops) and a productive place to start:

DIY Kid’s Grill 

Your petite grill-master will be unmis-steak-ably excited when they see this realistic range. The best part? It only costs $20 to make!  This is an ideal DIY to work on during long winter weeks while dreaming of pool parties and barbecues.

DIY Kid’s Foosball Table

 Foosball is a family-friendly game, but for little ones, its size can be an obstacle. This mini option can be made using common household items and is small enough to be stowed away for traveling.

DIY Kid’s Mini Lounger

You can buy children’s couches at the store, sure, but their price point can be grimace-inducing with color options that are strictly juvenile. This mom-invented mini lounger is an inexpensive project that can add a stylish touch and some plush comfort to a little one’s space.

DIY Kitchenette 

So long, Fisher Price. This adorable DIY kitchenette is as realistic as they come! (minus the sharp knives and scalding stovetops.) Its minimalist design makes for a toy that’s as stylish as it is functional, giving your little chef the freedom to sauté plastic food until their heart’s content.

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