Customer Review: Pinhole Press Panoramic Photo Book

By Rachel Castro /

Meghann Andrews reviewed the Pinhole Press Panoramic Photo Book for her blog Brioche and Blessings.

We love to hear about the reasons why you want to get your photos off of your computer and onto paper. For Meghann Andrews, founder of the blog Brioche and Blessings, “there’s something really special about flipping through a photo album that cannot be recreated by scrolling through my Photos app.” We agree.

Printing your vacation photos in a book turns those fleeting vacation memories into keepsakes. As you pull a photo book off the shelf and browse through it with family visiting from out of town, you’ll know that it was worth the time to create your photo book.

Meghann relates: “When I come back from a trip, I’m usually overwhelmed by the amount of photos I have to document, and because on vacation, I’m usually carrying my DSLR camera, the amount of quality photos is huge. Instead of feeling the guilt of not being able to document every one of those memories, I started ordering photo books to document our summer family vacations.

 I purchased my first book as a gift for my parents, and then loved it so much that I purchased a second book for myself. I plan on doing this every year.

The reason why I chose Pinhole Press was because of the Layflat Panoramic Photo Book. I loved the clean, modern look, the fabric spine and the ability to fill the entire cover with an image. I looked around at other similar companies, but this style definitely appealed to me.”

“I can’t even tell you how much joy this book gives me!”

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