A Holiday Housewarming Throwback

By Kim Vargo /

It’s been almost a year and a half since Scott and I moved into our big, bad fixer upper of a house. As every month goes by, we say, this will be the month we throw a housewarming party! We get excited over the details, and then we remember that this is the same month we’re renovating the guest room – or home studio! Maybe we still need to paint the walls, or maybe we’re about to embark on a big kitchen overhaul, but when we stopped to think about it, we quickly realized that we’ll working on this house for years to come.

So, no more excuses! There will always be something to do, but we agreed that those tasks wouldn’t hold us back from celebrating this home with our friends any longer. Better yet, we decided to roll our housewarming fiesta into a holiday theme, and our Holiday Housewarming Party was born.

Next up? The invites! In such a digital world, we wanted to embrace a throwback to a time when invites were mailed. It’s personal, more meaningful, and it would allow us to have fun with the imagery and feel we’d be looking to achieve for the party itself. It took us all of 5 seconds to decide that our two pups, Jack and CC, would be the stars of the show:

We had foolishly thought we could snag one great shot of both dogs together under the mistletoe, but how silly we were! The excitement of a mini photo shoot combined with their curious personalities was pure chaos, and so with Scott’s help, I worked with Jack and CC individually against the green wall of our reading room. Through computer magic, I was then able to merge 3 images into 1:

Once we had our winning snapshot, we browsed through the catalog of Pinhole Press cards, ultimately landing on this one. We loved the simplicity of the font, and the berry color was the perfect complement to our gray-green backdrop – a subtle holiday nod. Uploading our photo was a breeze, and then it was simply a matter of coming up with the verbiage. For RSVPs, we created a Gmail address and kept everything else straight up and to the point. (Our address was removed from the below, but they were on the invites as well.)

However, we didn’t stop there! Jack and CC are camera hams, and we had a handful of cute and funny outtakes from the photo shoot. We chose a favorite for each, and we added a couple packs of coasters to our order. Once our guests arrive to the Holiday Housewarming, these B-reel photos will tie everything together:

Having ordered Thank You cards from Pinhole in the past, we continue to be really impressed with the quality of these invites! They have an excellent weight and smooth feel, although sadly, I can’t say that CC noticed:

We even went so far as to create custom address labels using Jack’s outtake, which we hope will give our friends and family a chuckle at the mailbox. The majority of our invites have since been dropped off at the post office, but a small pile was set aside for hand delivery. I sealed those with a YAY! stamp in bold black ink to keep things light-hearted.

As the RSVPs roll in, we find ourselves counting down the days, going over an appetizer menu and brainstorming fizzy party drinks. Our housewarming has been long overdue, and what better way to celebrate than during the most wonderful time of the year!

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