Workin’ Moms: The Netflix Binge We All Needed

By Abby Tolbert /
Working Moms on Netflix

In the age of polished mommy bloggers, it can be tough to find media that represents the actual struggles of motherhood. (Beyond dirty diapers, that is.) But Netflix seems to have changed the game with “Workin’ Moms,” a new series that hones in on the real-life problems of 4 working mommas. Why it should be your next binge-watch:

The co-creator gets it: Catherine Reitman is all too familiar with the quiet suffering that new mothers endure. “Something I was not prepared for as a mother was how lonely it would be,” she says. “You feel isolated and often question your own identity: ‘Who am I now?’

It gets real: We won’t spoil it for you, but “Workin’ Moms” tackles issues like postpartum depression, the guilt of returning to work post-baby, and the fear of your child liking the nanny more than you. We love that it takes “off-limits” topics and candidly tosses them out into the open.

All the feels: Fair warning: “Workin’ Moms” miiiight make you cry. But it’ll also make you laugh out loud, whether you’re a working mother or not. This new Netflix series has a way of making light of a serious question that most all of us grapple with: can women really have it all?

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1 thought on “Workin’ Moms: The Netflix Binge We All Needed”

  1. This show looks great! And I can’t wait to watch it. Eventually.
    For now, anytime I have time to actually watch something on Netflix, I most definitely pick something that is totally different than my reality of being a mom! Ha! Any other mamas feel the same?

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