When You Don’t Have a Mom Tribe

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If you’re a new Mom, you know that most words of wisdom from veteran Mamas sound something like this: “This is just a phase” or “Take plenty of pictures!” or the best yet: “Just find a group of Mom friends to commiserate with and you’ll survive.” Sounds like solid enough advice, but what do you do if you don’t have any Mom friends?

Seek our virtual support

 Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of support groups, forums, and help articles for Moms. Need to find your online tribe? Head over to The Meltdown’s Facebook group and join our big, happy family!


Find your non-Mom tribe

 Friends are friends. Even if your besties don’t have kids of their own, they can still be a crucial part of your support team and love your baby just the same. And who knows, maybe they’ll eventually have a little on the way, too.


Find adult conversation in other ways

 This sounds ridiculous, but various podcasts and Netflix episodes can provide you with some of the “adult conversation” you might be craving throughout the day. It helps remind you that there’s more out there than Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. 


Remember that you’re not alone

 It might seem like every other Mom you know has found their squad, but that’s not the case. You’re not isolated in your search for a sense of belonging. Maybe your Mom squad is out there wishing for someone like you to come into their life, too.


Lean on your partner

 If you’re a squad-less Mom with a partner, there’s a chance you’ll rely on them a bit more than Moms who have a group might. That’s OK! Whether it’s scheduling date nights, tapping them in for support when you’re exhausted, or just venting- counting on them can help fill a void. 


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