Top 100+ Parenting Blogs

By Abby Tolbert /

Parenting is tough business. Often it’s a full-time job on top of a full-time job (or two), and if we’re being completely honest, no one really knows what they’re doing. It’s all just trial and error, isn’t it? A nerve-wracking trial and error, at that. Imagine being responsible for the health and wellbeing of tiny human beings who are one day going to be grown adults living in the world and one day having their own kids and…

Okay, got a little lightheaded there.

If parenting is feeling overwhelming these days, know that you’re not alone. Everyone is doing their best. We’ve compiled one hundred awesome parenting blogs to help you build a community and give you a few tips and tricks along the way!


Hello Jack

Hello Jack is the brainchild of Maria Fe, a stylish mom of three who blogs about decor, fashion, and crafts. If you want tips on staying chic and keeping your home looking catalogue ready, even with three energetic young children running around, give Hello Jack a read. Maria Fe includes great product reviews for candles, clothes, and things you can use around the home. You’ll even get tips on saving on appliances and home maintenance. Pretty much everything!


Love, Mrs. Mommy

Kim is a wife and stay-at-home mom who blogs at Love, Mrs. Mommy. She’s a mom of one and one on the way, a double rainbow baby boy. She blogs about the realities of pregnancy—like how to prepare your body for pregnancy if you’re trying for a baby (or another). She’ll show you food you and your kids will love, plus DIY projects for decorating your nursery, making study spaces and teething crib rail covers—all sorts of things to make your home safe and ready for baby.


Today My Way

Today My Way is a blog for parents who are into fashion, photography, design, shopping, and cooking. The author, Eli, also talks about minimalism and how that can help parents in their everyday lives. Like most blogger moms, she also shares arts and crafts projects; she’ll show you how to make arts and learning fun for you and your kids, and how to make your own customized stationery for your kids’ school projects and for your own. Get great tips on easy beauty routines, style, and traveling with little ones.


Mumma’s Corner

Lisa Marie Bauman started Mumma’s Corner as an online baby book and a way to update faraway family and friends about her journey as a mother. She has tons of quick and easy tips about natural living, meaning she’ll show you how to make your own essential oils, salves, bug sprays, skincare, makeup, and even cleaning materials to make sure you and your family live an all-natural, all-green lifestyle. Get great ideas for money-saving projects you can do around the home, and even some decorating tips to make your home look Pinterest worthy.


Space for the Butterflies

Granola moms and “slightly hippy” parents will relate well to the musings and adventures of Carie, who blogs at Space for the Butterflies. She describes herself as a “slightly hippy working mama who can’t stop writing if she tried.” She’s got a great narrative style and with every post she lets you into the inner workings of a working mama, and allows us a peek into her home. This blog is great for moms and dads who want to learn how to knit, sew, and just generally keep calm and craft on. This blog also has some wonderful photos of nature and the great outdoors.


Forever My Little Moon

Parenting isn’t the only thing that’s hard. Often even just getting ready to be ready for babies is hard, but luckily, you’re not alone, as this blog will show you. Get ready for some real talk about the struggle to conceive, the ups and downs of trying to get pregnant and being pregnant, the early days after you have your baby, and everything in between. Also check out some tips on traveling while pregnant or while with your children, tips on managing pets and babies, and even some insightful articles about marriage.


Dear Little Daisy

Jodie is the photographer who runs this beautiful blog on parenthood, interior design, and travel. She blogs about life, all its little joys, and dispenses loads of valuable, sound advice for young parents struggling with issues as varied as traveling with babies, and for not apologizing, in the form of touching letters to her little girl, Daisy.


Conceiving Piper

Conceiving Piper, aka Single Modern Mom, aka Ashley, is a single, modern woman who decided to conceive her daughter through an IUI fertility treatment. If you’re going through single motherhood or are thinking about having a child this way, follow this blog for wonderful nuggets of wisdom on feeding your child, taking care of yourself, and for some great reviews on what products will best help you on your journey of single motherhood.


Momista Beginnings

What is a “momista”? According to this blog, a momista is a mom who “a mom who applies her personal strengths, passions and skills to her own unique journey through motherhood. It’s a mom who is always trying to better her mama game for herself, kids and family.” Misty is a momista who blogs about crafty projects for your home and for your kids, her kids, recipes she loves, and all about how you can take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of your family.



The site says “no parenting skills required,” but after a few hours of going through these thoughtful blog posts on the ups and downs of parenting and marriage, you’ll feel like a super parent. Rebecca talks about raising feminist children (see tongue-in-cheek anecdotes like “My 4 Year Old, the Raging Sexist”), being terrified of her own kids (“True Story: Terrified of My Daughter”) and surviving Halloween. You can also find Rebecca’s writing on Scary Mommy and All4Women. Check her out!


That Poore Baby

FYI, stay-at-home dads exist, too. Dads care about their babies, too; the days of dads just “babysitting” and taking passive roles in their children’s lives are over. (Phew.) Enter That Poore Baby. Moms and dads will find meal kit delivery reviews for the less-than-culinarily gifted, advice for parents with school-age children, funny riffs on Klondike bar types, baby “sign language” and much, much more. This blog is as insightful as it is funny, and there is no end to all the sassy wisdom from this dad blog.


For Love of Cupcakes

Love your kids? Love cupcakes? What about baking and cooking and everything to do with food? If you said yes to all of the above, you might want to check this blog out. You not only get delicious recipes for desserts, cakes, and all types of treats, you get great advice on nutrition and healthy eating. Check out articles like “13 Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Routine in a Tasty Way,” for example, if you struggle to add your five a day and are in a constant battle with your sweet tooth. You can also find general parenting advice like “How to Foster Your Child’s Love of Sports,” and self-care tips on cucumber lemon mint water for clearer skin.


Yellow Dandy

Karen blogs about food, pets, cupcakes, her favorite shows to binge watch, and DIY projects from Perth, WA. She has two children, a husband, and a Shar-Pei, and her online shop is filled with all these cute little clothes and footwear for kids. She’s also got tons of great ideas for your kids’ bedroom and play rooms and, yes, some great recipes for birthday cakes and desserts for every occasion.


A Dose of Pretty

Sara’s blog is about designing a beautiful life for yourself and for your family. Her manifesto is “Create. Inspire. Empower.” That is, she wants to “design beautiful, original, reader-worthy content, fill her readers with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, and empower through her Taking Care of Business series.” She’s also got a great series called “Mommies Behind the Blog,” a Q&A series in which she speaks to moms behind popular mom blogs all over the internet.


Sita Montgomery Interiors

Sita Montgomery is an interior designer, wife, and mother from Salt Lake City, Utah. Though her blog is mostly about interior decorating, she also writes about parenting and married life. Busy parents will appreciate gift suggestions for kids and hubbies, and design and decorating ideas to make a beautiful, functional home for the family.


Curly Girl Design

Leigh is a designer whose work has made the rounds all around the internet. She’s won multiple awards for her designs, from stationery to jewelry and greeting cards galore. She blogs about crafts and cards you can make with your children, updates her readers about mommyhood as a working, designing mom, and gives us sneak peaks at her newest designs. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to make your home, and your life, just a little bit prettier and curlier, then this is the blog for you.


Reign Magazine

Reign Magazine is “the go-to guide for Colorado’s discerning woman.” Their team writes about interior and home design, couture, “wining and dining to entertaining and exploring.” Their kid section is full of great tips for kids’ birthday parties, designing children’s bedrooms and play areas, back to school style, and more.


Bump to Baby and Beyond

Adam and Alex run the blog Bump to Baby and Beyond to share their adventures in parenthood and married life. They’ve got a lot of great tips on traveling as a family, home decor, parenthood, wellbeing and anxiety, vegetarianism, and a handful of sincere, candid posts about the struggles they face in their day to day. They’ve also got a fun YouTube channel you’ll want to check out here.


A House Full of Sunshine

Karen and her family live in sunny Australia. She writes a lot of useful, relevant tips about home care, kids, and happiness. Her most read blog posts are about decluttering and simplifying the home for better management, decorating studies, and making party favors for your kid’s next birthday party or play date. More than that, she inspires parents like her to learn how to play with their kids and inspire happiness in their families and in the people around them.


Home Improvement Inspiration

This blog is a great resource for parents who want to liven up their living spaces. Make your house a home with their home improvement tips and tricks; get inspired with their garden and landscapes; and check out all their products, handy for homes with children and pets.


A Cut Above the Retsy

Here’s an adorable blog that shows you the best of products available on Etsy. Get wonderful decorating ideas for your family’s home and for your child’s bedroom. Find some super cute handmade toys that your child can hand down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Dress your child in the cutest, twee-est, Etsy-est things ever for the best pictures in your scrapbook.


Homeworks Etc.

Shop for your nursery and home decor needs at Homeworks Etc. They’ve got the most adorable catalogue of wall decals, wood letters, growth charts, canvases, and more. Check out their specialty items: personalized room decor, baby shower gifts, wall decals—your head will spin with all the decorating possibilities!


Grey Likes Baby

Grey is the pseudonym of Summer Watkins, writer and fashion-conscious mom. She writes about decorating, playing, and stationery designs, and has lots of wonderful photographs for new moms, birthday parties, events and holidays. Check out their awesomely cute chalkboard photography series for infants, and coo over all the amazing pictures of outdoor birthday parties and events!


Movato Home

Movato Home is an interior design magazine that showcases great homes, outdoor living, and celebrity homes. But they don’t just show you pretty pictures. They’ve got great articles on designing your family home with form and function in mind. Check out articles like “Family-Friendly Refinement” and “Casual Living with Style” for thoughtful, helpful articles on decorating your home.


House to Home

The Re/Max Lindstrom Team started this blog as an online resource for readers needing help with real estate advice, market updates, and tips. They write great, awesomely helpful tips and tricks for any young family looking to settle down somewhere they can grow, raise their children, and turn any house into a home.



That Dad Blog

Here’s another dad blog for the books! That Dad Blog is the father of six children, “one of which is blessed with Down Syndrome and the ability of flight.” Aside from being a full-time dad, he’s also a web designer and art director, and his blog is chock full of funny and even touching anecdotes about his life as a dad. This blog is wonderful for any parent who has a child with Down Syndrome—or any parent, for that matter, who cares about embracing and celebrating the things that make their child unique.


Bright Kids

Bright Kids is America’s premier tutoring and publication company. On their blog, parents will find great tips on education. Parents with school-aged children will know the anxiety that comes with making sure your kids get into the right schools, have good grades, and are best prepared for their futures. Articles like “How to Mentally Prepare a Child for a Test” and “Is Prepping Ethical?” will give you a clue about childhood education from learned professionals. Help your child excel with these and articles like “2 Quick Tips for Helping Your Child Feel Confident in the Classroom.”



This website offers helpful, practical advice to Christian parents about telling their children about Jesus. They’ve got great worksheets and coloring pages for kids (all printable!) and Sunday school games to play with your children. They also have lots of kid-friendly articles on the Bible, like “Lesson: God Forgave David’s Sin (2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51)” and “Saul Disobeyed God (1 Samuel 13-15) Sunday School Lesson,” all of which are available as printable pages or downloadable PDF files.


The Artful Parent

Jean Van’t Hul is the author of The Artful Parent. She shares “ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage you to enjoy and share art with the kids in your life (whether in your home or your classroom).” She posts articles on painting, drawing, watercolor techniques, clay and playdough, collage, and a host of other topics on creativity and crafts. Perfect for parents and teachers who want to inspire creativity in their kids.


All Free Sewing

This blog has a lot of great sewing patterns for your kids’ clothes, costumes, school uniforms, and basically anything you can think of. All Free Sewing has wonderful ideas for upcycling clothes, fairy tale inspired sewing ideas, and even costume ideas for your pets. There are even ideas for making accessories like bags, making and designing baby quilts, and sewing patterns and tutorials for home decor.


Modern Parents Messy Kids

The parents behind Modern Parents Messy Kids know that child rearing is no tidy task, which is why they started this great resource for parenting worksheets, kids’ chore kits, worksheets on money management, and organizational tools for parents, new and not-so-new. They’ve got tons of tips on creating and organizing your own work stations, nut-free lunches, and so on. Check them out for quick and relatable tips today.


Mr. Printables

Speaking of printables and worksheets, Mr. Printables offers plenty in the way of printable activities, coloring sheets, puzzles, and more for your children. For rainy days and days when your kids will be spending most of their time indoors, have them explore with paper toys, recyclable toys, puppets, and all sorts of crafts from this great parenting and teaching resource.



Planning a trip to Italy with your kids some time soon? This might just be the blog for you! This team of writers, educators, and editors have compiled the best, most family friendly things to do in and around Italy. Get some tips and inspiration for traveling with your little cucciolo and passerotta, plan your itinerary, and learn all about beautiful Italia while you do it!


The Thud

The Thud is a blog that reports “from the frontline of parenthood.” Lauren writes about her adventures in motherhood, her journey, her pregnancy, and raising her little ones. She writes advice to young mothers like herself in “Letters to the Editor” and blogs about DIY projects and crafts she tries around the house. Subscribe to this blog for some wry humor and wit.


Let the Kids Dress Themselves

Here’s what they have to say about themselves: “Let The Kids is a lifestyle blog in love with real moments and beautiful photography.” But just look at this website! It’s so pretty! Every pic is precious (the pictures of newborns and new mothers are a definite favorite), and the articles they illustrate are so thoughtful and well-written that every now and then you stop and think, “Darn! I wish I wrote that!”


Brittany Robertson

Brittany Robertson is all about her little family, home-cooked meals, donuts and coffee, and DIY. On her blog she writes about her adventures in parenthood and homeschooling her children, the recipes she loves, and the lifestyle she lives. She talks about it in her podcast, too, which is called “You Make It Beautiful” and is available on iTunes.


Kids, Cows and Grass

This blog is run by a rancher mom (a mom rancher? A ranching mom?), who dispenses earthy, down-home advice about both parenting and ranching. She shares rustic recipes, ranching stories, and even the occasional cow birth! She’s even got this lovely series of posts called “Prairie Wildflower of the Day,” where she posts pretty pictures of prairie wildflowers she finds on and around their family ranch.


90 Teach Mama

Amy Kilpatrick Mascott, creator of, is a Reading Specialist, writer, and literacy consultant. On Teach Mama, she blogs about how to raise your child to become a rockstar reader and how to help kids connect with their teachers. She writes on a variety of subjects: English, math, writing, science, activities, early literacy and digital literacy.


Kids on a Plane

Kids on a Plane is a guide for families who travel a lot (or want to travel a lot). It is devoted to helping parents who want to expand their children’s horizons and teach them about the world through travel, food, and fun. Here moms and dads will find tips for traveling by plane, car, bus, boat, or train, and lots of useful travel guides, cruise advice, and tips for enjoying Disney with your kiddos.


Real Mom Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the biggest anxieties of moms and dads all around the world today, and sites like Real Mom Nutrition do a lot for parents trying to stay sane through it all. Sally is a registered dietitian and has a master’s degree in dietetics from The Ohio State University, so she knows what she’s talking about when she talks about weight management, prenatal nutrition, and diabetes education. Parents will find lots of invaluable information about health and nutrition, including tips on how to help your children grow out of their picky eating phases and loads of easy, healthy, and affordable recipes.



Annie Pearce

Annie Pearce is a mother of four, a wife, and a hair stylist. On her blog she writes about pregnancy—her own journey and trials—and about parenting her four little kids. She posts great stories about her her life as a parent, mother, and stylist, and welcomes us into her life with a bunch of awesome pictures too.


Happily Annmarie

This blog is about travel, the mama lifestyle, and motherhood. Annmarie says she’s a “twenty-something mama from Long Island,” and she blogs all about her adventures in motherhood. If you need some mama-hood tips or tips on traveling with your kiddos, or even just some ideas about where to go, then this is the blog for you.


Mommy on the Mound

Mommy on the Mound is a site run by a couple of high school sweethearts that got married in November of 2012. Ashley is a blogger mom who also teaches special education. She writes about her adventures with her family, and about preparing for pregnancy and getting your kids ready for their first day at school.


Baked Bree

Bree has always wanted to be a mother, and all her life she’s wanted to cook and bake. Baked Bree is where she posts her best recipes, all delicious, nutritious, and friendly for kids (and husbands) of all ages. She posts loads of beautiful photos of her travels, family, and home, and posts a handful of great craft projects for you to try with your kids.


Lipgloss and Crayons

Carly writes on Lipgloss and Crayons about great outfits for moms, fun products that’ll make your life as a mother just that much easier to manage, books and toys that are great for your little ones, and recipes that are friendly for the family, easy on the budget, and delicious in your tummy. She also writes a lot of wonderful body positive posts. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, check out articles like “What Just Wear the Suit Taught Me about Women” and “This Is Me: Why I Took Pictures Without Makeup.”


Mom of Two Chunks

Christy Gammel writes about fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and motherhood. Moms who need help with their beauty routines will love articles like “My Current Hair Routine” and “Sport Chek + New Balance style for Fitness.” They’re awesome tips on how to take care of yourself on a tight budget and with a busy routine.


A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is the blog of Joanna Goddard, who used to be editor-in-chief for Italian life and style magazine, Bene. Now she writes on A Cup of Jo about motherhood, style, food, design, travel, and relationships. Read articles about parenting in places like Nepal, South Africa, Wales, Hungary, and France, etc.; get recipes for your kids’ birthday parties; get reviews on kids’ books and much, much more.


U Ready, Teddy?

Devon, according to her bio, has an MEd in Teaching and Curriculum and a BS in Art Education from Penn State University. She is a museum consultant, former elementary art teacher, and freelance artist and designer. On U Ready, Teddy? she writes about living a creative lifestyle as a parent. Here you can get great tips on making crafts and projects with your children, learning to play with them, and living and learning with your kids.


Girl Plus Two

Dikla Goren writes about her love for her kids and for fashion on her blog, Girl Plus Two. You don’t have to wear mom jeans to be a mommy (although we hear they’re back in style); you can be absolutely fabulous and stylish, Dilka says. Check out articles like “Sparkles for Mothers who Inspire” and “My Hair Care Routine and Products” for some self-care inspiration.


Heather Hamilton Photography

Heather Hamilton is 26, a photographer, living in Seattle, Washington. She has two little girls and a loving husband, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful pictures of her and her family on her site. She posts great reviews about products that’ll prettify your life, as well as posts about photography and how you can make your pictures of all your kiddos Instagram ready.


The Modern Dad

Jason is The Modern Dad. He’s “obsessed,” he says, with cleaning the house and doing the laundry and finding the latest and greatest things for his new son. Check out this doting dad’s blog for recipes, tips on grocery shopping and laundry, some great information about nutrition for your family, and a whole lot more.


Jen Loves Kev

Jen Loves Kev is Jen’s personal lifestyle blog. She writes about motherhood, family life, fashion, cooking, and all sorts of adventures with her family. She writes honestly about pregnancy and birth stories, about all the ups and downs that come with conception and carrying a baby, and gives great tips on lifestyle and fashion. She’s also got a bunch of great clean eating recipes, DIY tutorials, and crafts with kids.


My Life Well Loved

Heather, an Alabama health/lifestyle blogger and Pure Barre instructor, teaches other moms out there how to have a life well-loved. This Pretty Little Liars-loving mom is in her early thirties and doesn’t look a bit like it at all. Her My Life Well Loved blog gives informative insight on how to be healthy, while still enjoying life, while staying on top of being a full-time mom.


Jenn Bartell

Jenn Bartell is a photographer, a mom to two boys and two goofy dogs, and is married to her best friend from high school. She gets to know her clients and takes awesome pictures of couples, weddings, baby bumps and newborns, and kids and family. Follow her site and her Instagram feed for great pictures and inspiration for your own family photo shoots.


Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

She’s a photographer from New York who blogs about her adventures in parenting and creative pursuits. Jennifer Tonetti Spellman posts storytelling sessions with her clients that will inspire you to tell your own stories—through pictures and words. She even posts lessons on photography so that you can start taking your own photos of your family, too.


Bird is the Word

This website is the cutest. Kali blogs about home, family, life on the farm, and comfort food. She writes about her family’s adventures hiking, prancing in tulip fields and peony patches, and about gardening and other farmlife pursuits. Catch great photos of their idyllic lives on their Instagram feed, and read all about them on her site.


Life Just So

Kay is a wife and mother from the West Coast. She loves telling stories, taking photos, and making memories. She’s got a bunch of great DIY tips and tricks for you and your kids, as well as recipes, her projects, and everything in between.


The Little Things We Do

The Little Things We Do is a lifestyle blog by Lauren Hartman. She posts lots of photos of herself and her beautiful family and on her blog talks about parenting and managing your time as a parent, mother, wife, and career woman. Read articles like “Learning to Take a Time Out” and “Non-Confrontationalist Problems” for tips on recharging and “Letting Them Go with Confidence” for some real talk about parenting.


Say Yes

Liz is a mother of three from San Francisco. She blogs on Say Yes, an award-winning website for family life and for home and personal style. Get great tips on crafting projects and thoughtful articles on family life, homemaking, travel, and style tips for the busy mama.


Edit Spaces

The motto of Edit Spaces is “everything in its place.” Margaret Williams writes about home decor and creating workspaces that work. She designs spaces that work for family life as well as work life, and she offers child-friendly solutions for the home and home office.



Merlinee is an illustrator, painter, “dabbling designer,” seamstress, crafter, and mother of two. On Mermag she blogs about organizing and de-cluttering her home office and talks about her creative pursuits. Every article is a little nugget of inspiration for parents who want to live a creative life with their family.


The Very Best Baby Stuff

The Very Best Baby Stuff is pretty self-explanatory; this site curates all the best products for you and your baby. There are great products for moms and moms-to-be, and a lot of great advice for dealing with pregnancy woes like GERD, acid reflux, and heartburn. Articles like “The Best Apps for Baby, Toddler, & Preschooler” will even help you find the best, most educational apps for you and baby.


The Joyful Life Company

The Joyful Life Company’s mission is to help families create joy in the everyday. They design products to create meaning and connection in everyday moments, and help you find joy in the mundane. This group is founded on the principles of joy, connection, balance, and simplicity. Check out their articles on finding meaning in everyday life as a family, a person, and a couple.


A Girl Named PJ

PJ is a writer, editor, and content creator who loves to write about pop culture and family life. On her blog she has countless articles about fashion and beauty tips for full-time moms, design and home decor inspiration for your family home, and honest talks about motherhood and personal growth. Check out “4 Ways to Make Mornings More Manageable” for some great time management tips, too.


The Chic Site

Rachel Hollis is a “proud working mama with four kids and a husband.” She blogs about style, family, work, traveling with kids, and recipes. She’s also got a ton of cool videos like “How to Stay Motivated in the Midst of Chaos” and “Our Go-To Marriage Tips.” She’s also got a lot of great tips on organization and weight loss for mamas who want to get rid of that last extra five pounds of baby weight!


Piloting Life

Sara Pilot blogs about life, family, travel, and fashion. Her blog has a lot of delicious recipes for your family and your kids, style tips, staying organized, and parenting. She’s also got a lot of articles on DIY and crafting for the mama who likes to stay creative.


My Life in the Blink

Shannon is passionate about life, friends, family, and bargains. She’s a sucker for a good bargain, and if you need tips on being frugal while staying fabulous, you’re going to love her blog. She also writes incredibly honest articles on parenthood and child rearing in “Dear Mama.” Check out articles like “The M Words: Miscarriage and Mourning” and “Community Over Competition” if you’re feeling in need of encouragement and support.


Our Kind of Real

Real isn’t always pretty. Stephanie writes about living authentically and being true to yourself. In the age of Instagram, the temptation to only show the pretty, Pinterest-ready pictures is real, but Stephanie reminds the modern mom that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes, with articles like “Mom Guilt For The Win in Tulum” and “A Letter to Our Village… I See You.”


NieNie Dialogues

Stephanie Nielson, aka NieNie, has been blogging since 2005 about her daily life, her marriage, and her five children. Her faith has carried her throughout all the struggles in her life, including being in a plane crash that burned 80 percent of her body. She is living a beautiful life in spite of pain and challenges. Read her blog if you feel like your faith is flagging.


Love Taza

Love Taza, aka Naomi, celebrates motherhood, family, life, travel, and good food on her blog. Check out her articles on “little dates” for some inspiration in your married life and her articles on motherhood and raising twin girls for great tips on parenting. If you’re thinking about traveling to NYC with your little ones soon, you’ll also love her NYC guide series.


Design Mom

Design Mom is all about the intersection of design and motherhood. Design is all about making things work for you and making your life easier, and Design Mom blogs about all the little things that make your life that much easier. She also writes candidly about the hard things like abortion, 9/11, and mindfulness, so if you want to make your life easier and prettier but aren’t afraid of getting real, this is the blog for you.


Cool Mom Picks

Here’s a well-rounded website for the modern mom (or dad). You can find anything on this site, from recipes to gift guides, raising teens and twins, kids, and the tech that helps parents and their kids live their best lives. Check out their back to school tips for great advice on how to help your kids get through school. Parents on the go will love their podcasts, too.


The Autism Cafe

Eileen is the mother of two little boys. Her oldest child, Charlie, was born with classic nonverbal autism, and Eileen herself has Asperger’s syndrome. She has a unique perspective on the subject of autism and raising children with autism, as well as raising children with autism while you’re on the spectrum yourself. She writes articles like “Autism: Comparison is the Thief of Joy” to encourage and energize parents who may struggle with the day-to-day.


Dad and Buried

Mike Julianelle is a dad from Brooklyn who blogs about dadhood and writes articles that range from the funny, the serious, and even the controversial. He dispenses advice to moms and other dads (under his advice column, “Parental Advisories,” he quips, “The existence of this page is proof that you needn’t be an expert to position yourself as one”). If you’re looking for fun and tongue-in-cheek articles that nevertheless are honest about the struggles of parenting, then you need to check Dad and Buried out now.


The Grumpy Mommy

Most of the time you see mothers in ads as these shining beacons of light, never with a hair out of place and obviously never losing their tempers with their children or their husbands. Ever. The Grumpy Mommy knows that this is an image far removed from the realities of living with children, a spouse, and a full-time career. She recognizes that moms get grumpy, and that they too need help and breaks and naps. Lots of naps. You’ll also get lots of tips and recipes to try around the home, and a lot of motivational posters to keep you going.


Lesbian Mommies

Jillian and Tara Babbel Mendioro created Lesbian Mommies to create a community for lesbian mommies and LGBTQIA* families who are in need of information, resources, and other lesbian mommies and families to share their experiences with. They blog about things like co-nursing their babies, pregnancy, and holidays together as a queer family.


This Mama

This Mama is a blog for busy moms. Toni, author of This Mama, is all about style, fashion, and beauty, all while being an awesome mom for her two little boys. She blogs about the best low-maintenance skincare routines for busy moms, makeup, parenting, being a #MUMBOSS, and even home and interiors for the busy household.


Amy Antoinette

Amy Antoinette, more than being a lifestyle blog for mothers, is a place to talk candidly about grief, and dealing with grief while one is pregnant. She talks about the loss of her twin boys, about the loss of her mother, and talking to your toddlers about baby loss and mortality. Of course, the blog isn’t all about loss and hard talks; she has a number of great articles about gift giving and the holidays, and lots of cute pictures of her children.


Pregnant Chicken

Here’s a great resource and blog for expecting parents. The writers of Pregnant Chicken talk about a variety of topics, from pregnancy woes to advice for new dads, to being prepared for pregnancy with checklists and gear, and even kid-resistant underwear (looking at you and your sensitive bits, dads)! They’ve also got a great newsletter and a pregnancy calendar, among other things, so it’s an awesome place to get started in the right direction if you’re a new mom or dad.


First Time Mom & Dad

First Time Mom & Dad writes about family, dispenses life hacks, brings the LOLs, and more. They write great articles about exercise and eating healthy; check out the articles under Fit Fam to see how you and your family can get healthy and stay healthy together. They post a lot of articles about travelling with your family, too, and what you can do to make it easier for everyone, including your new baby.


Wry Mummy

Jess, mother of three young boys, has a ton of witty things to say about parenting and the world around her. Her articles are tongue-in-cheek and always a good laugh. Check out articles like “How to Win at Playdates,” “The Mum’s School Survival Kit,” and “Parental Present Paranoia” for a chuckle. She’s even got articles on face creams and dieting—but don’t expect the regular “this face cream is so great because X and Y” in these articles!


Extremely Good Parenting with Kara Carrero

This blog by Kara Carrero, one-time high school teacher and current parent, advocates natural birth and parenting, breastfeeding, and the Great Cloth Diaper Change. She talks about how to teach your children learn to love nature, how to stay fit and healthy as a parent, the importance of the ice cream date, and so much more. She even has a podcast where she talks about maintaining family balance, nurturing emotional intelligence, and raising kids with life skills to crush self entitlement, and a host of other useful things for raising great, resilient human beings.


33 Scrapbook Blog

This blog is run by Lauren, who started this blog in 2011 as a fashion and beauty blog. It has since evolved into a lifestyle and parenting blog, where she writes about anything from traveling, parenting, books, food, interiors, her opinion, and basically anything that comes to mind. She has a bunch of great videos, vlogs about camping and festivals, summer holidays, and interviews with three-year-olds and then some!


I Like Beer and Babies

The advice at I Like Beer and Babies is “to be taken with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila.” Case in point, here is an excerpt of some advice dispensed under the title “Advice Under the Influence: Potty Training:” “The thought that I am about to enter the potty training ring for a second bout makes me want to curl up in a corner with a bottle of tequila and not come out until my son is in college and has hopefully figured the whole thing out for himself. But alas, I will throw myself in front of the punches the potty has to hand out one more time so my son doesn’t end up at his wedding in a poopy Pamper.” Visit this blog for a dose of irreverent fun poked at parenting and parenting woes.


Meraki Lane

This site is the “modern mom’s guide to the latest in parenting, health, fitness, and weight loss, all shared with soul, love, and creativity.” They’re all about building your self-confidence as a woman dealing with post baby body, giving great parenting advice (see: “Dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder? 18 Tips for Parents and Teachers” and similar articles), and feeling—and looking!—your best through it all.


Messy Motherhood

Amanda is a Children’s Mental Health Therapist turned Stay-At-Home Mom. She started Messy Motherhood to get rid of the guilt and pressure of motherhood. She talks about managing anger in motherhood, which is an entirely natural thing (see articles like “One Simple Tip to Stop Yelling” and “5 Ways to Get Kids’ Attention Without Yelling”), and connecting with kids. Motherhood is messy, but the great thing about blogs like this one is that you realize you don’t have to go through it all alone.



BabyScience is a blog run by a “geeky pediatrician/parent” who “explains the science behind weird kid behaviors and scary (but normal) baby symptoms.” Wendy L. Hunter, MD, writes about vaccination, unclogging stuffy noses, getting your kids to eat healthier, and a host of other things to demystify parenthood and all the scary, icky stuff that goes with it.


Imperfect Families

There’s no such thing as a perfect family. Nicole Schwarz, MA, LMFT, Parent Coach, is a mom of three kids who battles her own triggers and relationship problems. She encourages positive, gentle, and respectful parenting strategies to build and strengthen your relationships with your children. There are a lot of great articles about tantrums, picky eating, back-talk, anxiety, anger, and more on this excellent parenting blog. If you’re struggling with everyday problems like this and more, give this blog a read.


Brummy Mummy of 2

Emma lives in Birmingham (aka Brummy) with two little tots, her husband, their dog, and their guinea pig. She started the blog as a way of unclogging her brain cells, as she was “going utterly brain dead looking after children all day and not having any responsibility at work anymore.” Now she’s got a wonderful “Don’t Beat Yourself Up Guide,” where she talks to moms all around the world about the pressures moms face from basically everyone everywhere. You’ll also love her Wicked Wednesdays, where parents from all over the world posts real, unfiltered photos of the messy lives of parents and their kids.


Baby Budgeting

Let’s not mince words: babies are expensive. That’s why this site exists. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, or simply trying to figure out ways to save money for your kid’s college fund or your family’s next trip to somewhere sunny and warm, you’ll love Baby Budgeting’s quick and easy tips. Get great money-saving how-tos for crafts and projects around the home and, tips on a thrifty Christmas, and budgeting tips galore for the entire family. Read “5 Finance Tips for Expecting Families” and “Family energy saving resolutions for 2018” to get you started saving money today!



Joy Jackson is Pinkoddy. She and her husband have four boys, and she’s a full-time carer and blogger/vlogger. She writes extensively about autism and sensory disorder (and even has another blog devoted entirely to the subject), as well as caring for your mental and physical health while caring for your family (see articles like “Keeping Your Mind Healthy Throughout Your Life”). She also writes a lot of articles about home education. Parents who are looking to homeschool their children, or maybe just supplement what they’re learning at school, will find a lot of great advice and ideas here.


Make, Do & Push!

Hannah Harding writes about and photographs her children’s adventures in this award-winning blog. Here she also shares recipes, her own poetry, her experiences with TTC, miscarriages, breastfeeding, and so much more. You’ll also get some great recommendations on the books Hannah thinks all pregnant women should read, and a lot of her great photography, featuring her children and their pets.


A Model Recommends

Ruth Crilly is a fashion model, fashion writer, and beauty insider. And she’s also a mother! These days she spends “half of [her] time working from home, makeup-free and wearing mud-spattered tracksuit bottoms, and the other half jetting about the world doing shoots and glamorous things that seem completely absurd” to her when she’s able to have a think about them. Moms and dads will relate to her articles on bedtime battles with her toddlers, her problems with infertility, and all of the highs and lows of parenting.


Missing Sleep

Missing Sleep is a great, infinitely relatable parenting and lifestyle online magazine. Parents will find oodles of information about everything to do with home and family life. Find out if your house has gone up in value, or get safety tips for when you’re renovating your home. They’ve also got a lot of great contests, where you can stand to win everything from toys for your kids to makeup organizers for mom!


Globetrotting Mama

Here’s a blog that will help you see the world, build a life, and bring your family along for the ride. This site has tons of wonderful articles on raising your children to be global citizens, adventuring with the entire family, and seeing the world, all while raising your children and maintaining a warm, loving marriage.


Happy You, Happy Family

Riffing off of “happy wife, happy life,” Kelly, mom of four, started this blog because she wanted to start a community and open the conversation about the struggles parents face every day. She talks about love and marriage, raising awesome kids, pregnancy, and books your kids will love to read (and to be honest, you’ll probably love them, too). She’s also got a number of great printables with powerful lessons. See “The Simple Formula That Will Make Your Marriage Happy, According to Science {Printable}” and “Here’s the Secret Phrase to Turn Your Kid Into an Amazing Student {Printable}” to start.


All Baby Advice

Like the site’s name says, this place is all about baby advice, and great baby advice at that. Moms and dads alike will love all the useful advice on traveling with children in style, and keeping fit and healthy despite strenuous schedules. Also, check out essential parenting and baby safety articles like “The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children” and “Steps to Saving a Baby Who’s Unconscious and Not Breathing.”


The Reading Residence

Jocelyn is a big fan of learning. She shares her adventures in learning with Open University with her readers, as well as what she does to pass on the love of learning to her kids. She hosts #BringBackPaper on her blog, a project that advocates journaling as a way of self-care and a fun, great way to organize your life. She also post a Word of the Week and entertaining articles about kid activities, family days out, home and gardening, product reviews for parents, and so much more.


The Boy and Me

This site started out primarily as an online diary of a loving mom about her and her husband’s life with their little boy. You’ll find lots of photographs, a lot of articles about craft projects she tries with her son (like “How to Paint Monet’s Water Lillies with Children,” “Summer Holiday Boredom Busters,” and “10 Yummy Cake Recipes”), learning through play, and cooking escapades. And of course the occasional rant!


Tigerlilly Quinn

Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn lives in Bristol with her husband, their two children, and their cats. Fritha started the blog when, seven years ago, she and her husband decided to fix up a rundown house. She recorded the DIY skills she picked up along the way, and now blogs, vlogs (her videos are super quirky), and writes about their lives and loves in sunny Bristol.


Ickle Pickle’s Life and Travels

Ickle Pickle is a cute little boy, and this is his blog. Well, his mama does most of the writing for him, but this blog is all about his adventures and growing up, Pickle-style. Parents who are looking for some inspiration on documenting their children’s journey will find lots of it here. You’ll also find lots of parenting life hacks and a few travel tips for adventuring with your little one.


Odd Socks & Lollipops

Jenny is a mother who, in addition to the trials and tribulations of everyday momhood, also has to contend with fibromyalgia, an illness that causes widespread pain and fatigue in the people it affects. She blogs about life with fibromyalgia, and also writes about books and writing (which, as most writer moms will know, is really, really hard to do when you’ve got a toddler needing your attention all the time). This inspiring blogger shows moms and dads dealing with invisible illnesses that they can have children, be creative, and live a happy life.


The Daddy Complex

David Vienna is the father of twins, “and yes,” he says, “they’re awesome.” David Vienna, when he’s not being a dad, is writing books about being a dad. Check out his tongue-in-cheek guide to parenting, “Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You’ll Ever Need,” and the book that promises to help you decode your kid’s thought process, “Are We There Yet?” Sometimes he writes about other stuff, too. Check out his Twitter feed to see!



Twinderelmo is a parenting and lifestyle blog by Beth Law. She writes about her son and her twin daughters, and their adventures in growing up (see the latest article about the twins: “Reflecting on a Year at School”). She talks about travel and fitness, and now that her kids are all school age, a lot of tips about education and back to school stuff.


Uplifting Mayhem

Uplifting Mayhem and another blog, Double the Batch, have joined forces to create a site that provides wonderful content on homeschooling, marriage, motherhood, travel, and recipes. On this site are also articles and podcasts aplenty to keep you feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to face the day. You’ll also find tons of printable instructions on crafts and projects you can do with your kids to keep them busy, or to add to your curriculum if you homeschool them.


Growing Slower

We all know that budgeting gets a little hard, to say the least, when you have children…even when you’re working with a two-person income. Growing Slower offers a lot of helpful advice on affording motherhood: they give readers a grocery guide, talk about paying off debt, and lots of checklists and worksheets on saving money without sacrificing your family’s health and wellbeing.


Mommy Evolution

Mommy Evolution is a lifestyle blog for mothers, mostly, but dads are totally welcome to join in on the fun, too. Here parents will find great tips on parenting (“5 Parenting Truths Autism Taught Me,” “Speak Up! Effectively Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher,” “Major Developmental Milestones for Toddlers” and more), book recommendations, healthy recipes for the whole family, and loads of worksheets and activities for any occasion.


Learning and Exploring through Play

Amy, stay-at-home mom and founder of Learning and Exploring through Play, was in childcare and education before she became a mom. She believes there’s no age limit for learning and exploring the world through play and imagination. On her site you’ll find plenty of great ideas for sensory play (check out articles like “Mouse Paint Color Mixing” and Sensory Fruit Water Play”), arts and crafts, and seasonal activities for you and your kids.


Mummy Daddy Me

Mummy Daddy Me started as an online visual diary for a growing family and has now evolved into a great source of family travel tips, as well as lots of inspiring photos of interiors, travel, style, and more. This family also has a number of videos to peruse, and lots of feel good memories and letters that’ll inspire you to start playing, traveling, and learning with your kids.


Verily Victoria Vocalizes

Victoria loves anything creative. She’s got vlogs and photos of her beautiful family, poetry, and prose for thought. On her blog she shares her thoughts on family and parenting, travel, and tips on home and gardening. Thrifty moms and dads will also find her thoughts on investment and savings really interesting (see “Investing for Your Kids and Their Future”), and her reviews on useful products around the home.


Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Hayley is a writer-mum who is passionate about many things. On her blog she talks about taking care of your mental health and wellbeing as a parent, and her own journey to better mental health. If you struggle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, you’ll love her articles “Anxiety & Me: How I Got My Life Back” and “OCD, Maternal Intrusive Thoughts, and Me.” Parents will also love her articles on family life and travel, and will find lots of great family trip inspiration in her photographs.


The Gingerbread House

Jenny has been blogging on The Gingerbread House since 2005. She’s passionate about crafts for kids and adults as learning tools and tools for better mental health and relaxation. Moms and dads will find great ideas for bento boxes, sewing projects, quilting, and other crafts. For your kids, Jenny has loads of extensively illustrated how-tos on father’s day gifts, gifts for teachers, holiday projects, and more. She’s also writes about family life and gives great book recommendations if you’re looking for a new read.


A Sorta Fairytale

Mandy Chiappini lives a sorta fairytale life and writes about it in this colorful blog. Far from being perfect, her life as a parent has all sorts of ups and downs that moms and dads from all walks of life will find wonderfully relatable. You’ll also get tips and DIY craft instructions for holidays, year-round recipes, and news on what sort of mischief her family’s up to this year.

No matter how hard parenting gets, it’s always good to know that you’re not alone, so get out there and find your tribe. After all, it takes a village!



Working Mom Magic

“When keeping it together is just an illusion.” Who can’t relate to this blog’s tagline? Lauren blogs about her life, the joys and difficulties of being a working parent, what she calls “mom magic,” and food and fitness. Working Mom Magic is perfect for the harried working mom or dad that needs to be reminded that they’re not alone in their struggles, and that they should take time out to care for themselves, too. You can’t, after all, pour from an empty cup.


Morgan Manages Mommyhood

Morgan is a relatively young mom of two little boys who started the blog as an outlet for all the anxieties and frustrations of new motherhood. She shares realistic takes on everything from changing diapers to Disney movies, and the tips and tricks she’s learned on managing a household, a full-time career, and two energetic children. You’ll want to check out some of her most popular kids’ food recipes like “Chicken Boo-dle Soup” and “Healthy Cake Pops,” and home maintenance tips like “The Only Rule You Need to Maintain a Tidy Home with Kids.”


Mommy Crib Notes

Kristi Valentini blogs about her postpartum body with bravery and honesty. Her blog tackles pregnancy and what being a new mom really is like. It rejects the idea of women “snapping” back to their pre-pregnancy bodies and normalizes the struggle new mothers face. Read “9 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Mom” and “Why You Shouldn’t SHare Your Baby’s Name” for bursts of refreshing real talk.



If you’re looking for a community of creative parents to hang out with and share ideas with, then check out Snap Conference’s website. They’re all about dreaming, making, and sharing, and inspiring each other in three-day conferences. In their conferences, respected speakers talk about crafting, creating, and energizing their audiences and each other.


Jennifer Gulley Photography

Jennifer Gulley takes photos of the quiet, precious moments in your life and in your child’s. She specializes in wedding and motherhood shoots and is all about investing in memories. Before the kids grow up and ship off to college, you might want to think about getting photographs that can be passed on from generation to generation ias heirlooms. Invest in your memories.


Marcus Design Inc.

Marcus Design Inc. is the brainchild of a woman with a PhD in biochemistry and who teaches science at the college level, but has always been passionate about painting and design. Parents of new families can find great tips on home renovation and decoration, do-it-yourself projects, furnishings, and other inspiring projects anyone can do around the home. No doctorate required!


Wildly Charmed

Melissa, like most modern mothers who have full-time jobs as well as being full-time mothers, struggles to find the perfect work-life balance. She blogs about family, food, fashion, weight loss, and travel. She’s even got free printables for road trip bingo and other games that you can keep your children entertained with for the whole drive.


Fawn Over Baby

Here’s an adorable blog with lots of tips on DIY projects to prettify your home and your life. Check out their most popular articles like “DIY – No Sew Teepees” and “Rustic Alaska Inspired Nursery for Our Baby Boy Haines” for great projects to do at home with your whole family. They’ve also got tips galore for decorating birthday parties, holidays, and celebrations galore.


Not Your Average Mom

Susie is not your average mom. She’s a “mother, stepmother, wife, blogger, swim coach, inspirational/motivational speaker, and Positive Discipline parent educator” who blogs about being a mom in this modern age. She’s all about injecting a little humor into parenting, money saving, and everyday life as a mom struggling to juggle a lot of different things at once. Check out her articles on “Sound Body, Sound Mind” for some great self-care tips for moms and dads alike.


Hurrah for Gin

Katie, like a lot of young parents, turns to humor and nips of alcohol throughout the day to get through the struggles of parenting and married life. On Hurrah for Gin, she writes about the pains of adulthoods, the ups and downs (and there are a lot of downs) of parenting, like, “What if you don’t like playing with your kids?” and “18 Things I Have Learned about Camping with Kids.” Katie’s blog is illustrated with rage comic-style stick figures, so if you’re looking for pretty, catalogue-type parenting blogs, this tongue-in-cheek narrative of parent life is definitely not the blog for you.


Cupcake Mag

Contrary to what the title might tell you, Cupcake Mag is a magazine with more than just cupcake recipes. There are tons of other great recipes for moms and dads, as well as great tips on entertaining, home and living, style and beauty, and gift guides for the special people in your life. Get lots of great how-tos for Easter egg barks, lemon curds, jams, and care packages galore!


Perfection Pending

Meredith, the founder of Perfection Pending, is a mom, “Diet Coke connoisseur,” and a born and raised Texan. She’s got a down-to-earth attitude and a wonderful team of writers who write for the website, with topics ranging from the sober and serious to the sassy and humorous. You’ll find parenting tips for babies, toddlers, tweens, and teens, and lots of great articles to encourage and inspire you in your journey of parenthood. They also write about marriage and what it’s like to be married with kids, and how to find time to really enjoy your partner and show them you appreciate them.


AKA Mom Magazine

AKA Mom Magazine describes the modern mom: “ Not only is she a mother and the life and force behind her home, she is an individual. This magazine glorifies moms while encompassing the fact that they are all things woman… a mother, a wife, a professional, an eco-conscience consumer and definitely a fashionista!” Here’s a great rag for mothers (and maybe even dads!) who want to stay up to date on all the latest fashion, relationship, and money tips, and even a little bit of celebrity buzz!


O My Family

Allison, like most mom bloggers, started this blog as a way to let off some steam. She blogs about the everyday struggles she faces as a mom from Minnesota; from losing baby weight and body changes to her husband’s endless home renovations, coffee, breastfeeding, and everything in between. She also writes thoughtfully and insightfully about PPD (postpartum/prenatal depression), and if you struggle with the same things, it’s good to know that you’re not the only one.


Fresh Mommy Blog

Tabitha hosts her own online cooking show, KitchenWise, and has been called Tampa’s most influential mommy blogger. She goes on Daytime TV and on magazines every now and then to talk about her blogging, parenting, and cooking. On her website you’ll find lots of great articles on motherhood, food, travel, design, and great mommy style. Check out her DIY tips, downloads, and all sorts of wonderfully illustrated guides on parenting and entertaining kids.



Mamabee is a great resource site for today’s mom. Get news, reviews, and information from this San Fran-based blog. Mamabee has a treasure trove of healthy recipes for stews, sauerkraut, and, yes, even healthy cheesecake. They’ve also got some wonderful articles on parenting—everything from Peppa Pig and monthly photo shoot ideas for your babies to adoption and breastfeeding.


Jess Soothill

Jess is the mother of a pair of twins, Harry and Lottie, who she conceived after three rounds of IVF. On her website she blogs about motherhood—parenting the twins, taking them on days out, and all kinds of mischief—and mothering while working. She also writes a lot of great articles about style, and keeping up your sense of style and fashion sense even as a mother of two really energetic kids. Working moms will also find inspiration in her work and career articles. Check out content like “How I Drag Myself Out of a Creative Slump” and “5 Reasons Why Working for Myself Works” for great nuggets of wisdom on how to be a boss!


Your Modern Family

This site was created for the modern family. It’s an overall family lifestyle page with loads of useful information about travel, recipes, staying healthy, and saving money. You’ll also find great tips on potty training your kids, parenting, and how to keep your marriage fresh and exciting throughout the years. Becky, owner of Your Modern Family, also posts lots of great challenges for you to try, like the decluttering challenge for your home and the 14-day marriage challenge, as well as printables like the potty training coloring book for your kids to try.


Bellyitch Blog

Here’s an award-winning blog for trendy, tech-savvy parents. Get the latest in tech and trends related to parenting, and all the latest in apps that’ll help you with pregnancy, organization, and back to school stuff. See the latest mom, dad, and kid fashions, as well as reviews on the newest products geared toward making your life as a parent that much easier. Keep an eye on their contests, too. You might just win some of their awesome giveaways this year!



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