Small-Town Vacation Spots

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6 Small-Town Vacation Spots

Vacationing with kids is basically just babysitting in another city, except with more cocktails and a better view. But still, you deserve to (try to) get your chill on, Mama. Here are our favorite small-town family destinations for living like a local and enjoying some no-frills R&R.

Helen, Georgia 

Located just outside of Atlanta, Helen is a quaint, cobblestone-clad village that has coined the name, “Georgia’s Little Bavaria”. There’s something for everyone at this Nordic-inspired getaway, including an authentic Oktoberfest celebration and “Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Kitchen”. (AKA beer and chocolate, two of the best things that life has to offer.)


Sea Bright, New Jersey

When you think of the Jersey Shore, “relaxing” probably isn’t the buzz-word word that comes to mind. But, Sea Bright is New Jersey’s best-kept secret; free of crowds, Snooki, and littered boardwalks. There are lots of quiet, clean beaches, and stunning ocean views. This means there’ll be no nosey-Nancy’s #judging you when your kid throws a tantrum over putting on sunscreen. Score!


Marfa, Texas

Marfa is an interesting little town with an interesting name to match it. It features a replica Prada store, puzzlingly located in the middle of the desert, that attracts hordes of high-profile sightseers. (Including Queen Bey herself). While visiting, be sure the check out the Marfa “ghost” lights, a historically mesmerizing and undeniably paranormal phenomenon that’s scarier than having three kids home on a snow day.

La Conner, Washington

To say La Conner is quaint would be a serious understatement when describing the size of this tiny waterfront town. With a population of only 900, La Conner is a serene alternative to its boisterous neighboring city, Seattle. Visit during April to experience the breathtaking beauty of the world-renowned Skagit Valley Tulip Festival that attracts people from 86 different countries. Just don’t let your little peanut pick the flowers. (Or do, it makes for a cute Insta post).

Sedona, Arizona

The stunning red hues of the canyons enveloping Sedona are enough to make the trip there worthwhile. But if breathtaking views aren’t motivating enough, Sedona boasts multiple exquisite wineries, helicopter rides, and a relaxed environment.


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