Single or Not, You Should Really Start Dating Yourself

By Pinhole Press /
Don't forget to date yourself!
“Love yourself first.”

It’s an eye-roll inducing cliche that Carrie Bradshaw probably expressed some variation of on Sex and The City.  (Edit: We googled it, she did say that). But this overplayed sentiment harbors a whole lot of truth. As Valentine’s Day approaches, challenge yourself to really get out there again by dating yourself. Here’s how:

Go to lunch alone

 When did dining-out in solitude get such a bad rap? The dread that exists around eating-out solo is def a product of the “kid sitting alone at lunch” phenomenon. Find a local cafe you’ve never been to. Bring a good book and relish the absence of little voices yelling “Moooooom” over. and over. again.

Write yourself love letters

We HAVE to start being nicer to ourselves. Write yourself a letter and say, “no really, leftover frozen pizza paired with gogurt is a perfectly balanced meal!” It’s awkward, sure. But it’s worth it, and so are you.  

Exercise Willingly

If you hate the elliptical, avoid it like the grocery store on a Sunday. Exercising is important for your overall health, but there are lots of ways to get your body moving. This list of over 100 different exercises is the ultimate cure for your bad case of the common cardio.   

Make yourself a priority

This doesn’t mean that you have to skip little league games in the name of a fresh mani-pedi (Although, we wouldn’t judge you if you did). Taking 10 minutes of time for yourself every day can come in many forms.

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