Rainy Summer Styles

By Abby Tolbert /

A hot and rainy day is both a paradox and an inconvenience. Summertime is supposed to be about sprinting through sprinklers and sunbathing, for crying out loud! Not to mention, attempting to dress in a way that shields you from the elements without dying of heat exhaustion is damn near impossible. Here’s what to wear when it’s muggy to the max, with style suggestions for you and your little: 

Ankle rain boots

Traditional tall rain boots are great for splashing in puddles and singing in the rain, but on a hot summer day, they’re prob gonna make your feet super hot and sweaty. Rain-booties are stylish and allow for sufficient airflow to smelly toes. For yourself, try on this pair made by Sam Edelman and for your mini-me, these colorful Hunter brand boots should fit the bill.  

A lightweight jacket

 Your outerwear doesn’t have to be completely waterproof, but sticking to materials like rayon or polyester is a good idea if you don’t want to walk around looking like a drowned rat. (Seriously, avoid wool at all costs.) This coat made by Columbia is perfect for you, and this fun-sized version is ideal for your little. 

A Faux Leather Bag

 If you sport a fancy designer bag, you might want to tuck it away for safekeeping if it’s raining. Investing in a faux leather purse for rainy days will ensure that your belongings are kept safe, and not at the expense of your accessory. TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Target, and Nordstrom Rack all have a great selection. A Baggu reusable shopping bag is also a viable option since it doubles as a tote and grocery-getter.

A baseball cap

 Maybe this is a no brainer, but a good old fashioned baseball cap is a great option if you don’t feel like lugging around an umbrella. Pair your outfit with a graphic baseball cap and you’ll be dry and stylish wherever your day takes you. 

A dress or skirt

Dresses and skirts are a godsend because they’re effortless to style and allow for optimal airflow. The worst that’ll happen if there’s a downpour is that you’ll have to wipe your legs down with a paper towel. NBD.

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