Diaper Changing Hacks

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Changing diapers is, you guessed it: a pretty sh*tty job. There’s no way around it – there’ll probably be a time or two (or a hundred) where your baby has a diaper blowout SO bad that you’ll want to wave your white Pampers / wet wipe flag in defeat. We’ve got you covered. Here are our best tips for the worst diaper changes:

Those onesie shoulder flaps? They’re not just for style

 If you’re dealing with a category 5 poo-nami, the envelope neckline on baby onesies is nothing short of a godsend. It allows you to pull the soiled outfit down instead of over the baby. So fresh, so clean.

Sniff & peek no more! Disposable diapers change colors when wet

There is a small strip on the front of your baby’s pampers and Huggies for a reason –  the strip changes colors when damp! (Usually only on newborn diapers, but still- pretty nifty!)

For baby’s first poop, use coconut oil

 When babies are born, their first doo-doo is called meconium ( muh·kow·nee·uhm )and has a sticky and tar-like consistency. Because of this, it can be a toughie to clean. Use coconut or olive oil to gently get any, ahem, remnants off of your baby’s bottom. 

Get a butt spatula for butt cream

 We’re not sure if “butt spatula” is the technical name for this handy tool, but it describes its function perfectly. Diaper rashes are annoying for everyone 🙃,  and this nifty must-have makes applying cream much easier and less painful for the baby. 

Invest in a nightlight for 3 AM diaper changes

 Maybe you’ve achieved total ninja-status and are capable of changing your baby in complete darkness. But for those of you who sometimes still put the diaper on backward in broad daylight (don’t we all?)  – this is for you. 

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