When You Can’t Breastfeed

By Abby Tolbert /

Since breastfeeding is “natural,” many new Moms assume that it’ll be a breeze. It’s recommended that babies are breastfed for six months to ensure optimal development. TBH, it’s also recommended that you eat 5 servings of vegetables a day, but sometimes, sh*t happens. Here’s what to remember if you’re unable to feed your baby breast milk:

You are NOT “supplementing”

 If you’re feeding your baby some breast milk and some formula, you are not “supplementing” with formula. You are feeding your baby, it’s that simple. Great job!

You will still bond with your baby

 There are tons of ways to bond with your baby that have nothing to do with breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin contact, talking or singing to your baby, or making eye-contact are great ways to form a bond with your little one.

You are not alone

 There are so many women out there who cannot or choose not to breastfeed for health or personal reasons. Don’t feel like you’re the only momma in the world who uses (highly regulated!) formula. 

It’s okay to talk about your feelings

 You don’t have to feel ashamed. Open up to the people who love and care about you about how you’re feeling. 

Pumping can take time away from your baby

If pumping or breastfeeding isn’t working for you, take solace in the fact that painstakingly trying to pump breast milk at odd hours actually takes you away from your baby for longer. Yay for more QT with your cutie.