Meet the Designers: Bonnie Dain

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Pinhole Press Featured Designer Bonnie Dain

Originally a California girl, Bonnie Dain has become nothing short of an artist, world-traveler. Falling in love with fashion and art at a young age, design seemed to be a natural fit for her.

“I began creating and haven’t stopped, it’s my true passion.”


Bonnie’s favorite medium to work in is good ol’ pen and ink, which coincides with her favorite style, abstract expressionism. The style carries through in her design work. She also enjoys hand-lettering and playing with bright, bold color.

“I like the looseness and fluidity of it. Working with pen and ink really ties in with that.”


Pinhole Press "Hey Babe" Valentine's Day Photo Card

So where does she get her inspiration? From her marvelous world travels. Bonnie is quite the explorer, having traveled and lived all over the world. She even lived in Rome, Italy for ten years. Bonnie is somewhat of a museum-junkie and finds hidden inspiration in local supermarkets across the globe.

Bonnie Dain is one of the newest card designers at Pinhole Press and has designed a signature Valentine’s Day Card Collection.

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