How much should I spend on my Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

By Erica Stoeckeler /

How much should I spend on my Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

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Love is in the air.  You might be starting to think about Valentine’s Day, and how to celebrate with a special someone in your life.

What should you get? How much should you spend?

There are no right or wrong answers. The thought and care you put into answering these questions are what makes the art of gift giving so special.

As you start to plan, it may help to:

    • Consider the contextual clues: How long have you been dating? How are you two celebrating Valentine’s day? If you’ve celebrated gift-giving holidays before, what did he get you?
    • Ask yourself: What do you expect from him on Valentine’s Day? This might help figure out a ballpark budget for yourself.
    • Take a deep breath. Your guy is likely asking himself these same questions.

There’s just enough time until Valentine’s Day to figure out the perfect gift and make it personal. With a little planning, you can avoid the DIY page on Pinterest and give a home-run gift that celebrates wherever you’re at in your relationship.

How much should I spend on my Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Keep it cool with your New Beau… (1-3 months, $15 and under)

Everything is new, fun and flirty. You probably linger on each exchange, have plans to meet soon, or have been out a few times together. You may want to play it cool and not seem overly interested, but also want to ‘wow’ him with a gift that’s equally clever and thoughtful.

    • Bring an inside joke to life with labels on his favorite beer or wine.
    • Turn his top photos from Instagram into a petite photo book.
    • Make a one-of-a-kind greeting card with his funniest selfie (Everyone takes selfies..)

Impress without distress (3-12 months, $30 and under)

You two are a fit. He feels familiar, yet each day you learn something new about one another. Savor the fleeting newness of your relationship, and set the tone for where you want things to go.

    • Frame the first photo you two took together.
    • If his place could use a little TLC, try a set of photo magnets for his fridge. You can make a fun collection of you two, his friends, and family.
    • Toast in your own style – pop champagne on the couch with your favorite take-out.

How much should I spend on my Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Celebrate each chapter of your story …(12+ months, $50 and under )

Life is better together. Your lives are melding in exciting ways. His friends and family are becoming yours, and vice versa. Celebrate whatever milestone you’ve just reached, or are about to reach together.

    • Create love coupons that play on his likes and dislikes, the ones only you would know.
    • New to cohabiting? Make it feel like home with a framed photo collage of your top couple moments.
    • Give him something to brag about with a discrete album of special photos just for him; The couple-classic, brag book.

These are only a few ways to get creative with your guy’s next favorite gift; check out our full Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for more ideas for him. Remember, no two loves are the same, and you know your relationship best, so trust your gut and have fun creating a gift that’s sure to make him smile this Valentine’s Day.

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