Intentional Living

By Melissa Meguire /

Intentional Living

Do we ever ask ourselves or take the inquiry on why we do what we do? Or even consider ways to yield more quality in the simple things. Of course everyone yearns and wants perfection, peace and affiliation. We want to belong, be heard and be loved.

Over the past few years, intentional living has become a hot topic in the wellness world. We all know we want to feel a certain way or embody a certain experience. Maybe it is kindness, maybe it is compassion. Maybe even discipline- whatever intention we subscribe to, without the application of self-care it often becomes a form of self-abuse.

Let me explain. Over the years I have grounded into words from Power to Savor to Simplify to Rise (and the list goes on)- all searching to evoke a foundation for that year that would keep me focused and grounded. I would seek ways to sprinkle the concept in my home, my actions, my world.

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But the concept only lives as a concept until it arrives in moving action and lifestyle. It must be worked like a muscle and presented as an everyday experience.

It is not just merely seeking a word and striving after it, but to plant it into the sweetest details of our lives. As January 2018 arrived, it was that time again to cultivate my intention. As always, the intention must feel like self-care, the energy of an inhale and the freedom of an exhale.

After my husband and daughter were asleep on New Year’s Eve, I treated myself to a bath courtesy of a Christmas gift from a friend. Soaking in the bath, I was reading through an intention card book and the words “walk as a loved woman” arrived on the page. The mantra oscillated through my body as I reread it. Walk as a loved woman. Immediately I thought of the kind of wife I would be if I walked as a loved woman, the kind of mother I am when I walk as a loved woman. In the silent hue of early morning January 1, I whispered to myself, “walk as a loved woman.”

Pinhole Press Brag Book with Green Cover

Every time I breathe that mantra, I feel a soft, compassionate tenderness envelope me. A thank you. A pause.

It has been a practice of self-love as I organize my home to sing the testimony of what this intention means for me. Planting sweet gifts, savoring the laughs, empowered by the many hats I wear all while grounding in the sacred simplicity of being present with my loved ones- whether in picture, canvas, and even brag books. Each morning when I rise, my home greets me with the laughter of memory and the song of love. Each morning, I am reminded that I am a loved woman.

Melissa Aguirre is a Nationally Registered Yoga Therapist, Certified Energy Medicine and MBSR Practitioner specializing in scientifically based holistic health practices and education. Melissa is a wellness speaker and contributing author for yoga therapy case studies continuing to impact optimal patient care and sustainable lifestyle choice. Her school, MelMarie Yoga Academy, trains and certifies practitioners in adaptive and therapeutic yoga and her participation in holistic health summits define her as a true asset and advocate to sustainable wellness.

Self Care Junkie, Melissa loves the little things; cozy evenings, her cats, journaling, her faith, movement, chai, sweaters with thumbholes, her daughter’s snuggles, spending time with husband who keeps her rooted and inspired. She is passionate about helping people create a life they do not need to escape from. Learn more about Melissa at

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