7 Thoughtful Photo Gifts Under $30

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7 Thoughtful Photo Gifts under $30

Gifting can be tough; especially when you’re trying to stay within a specific price range. Sometimes, you can find the gift you need for the people closest to you in a pinch. Other times, it’s your Dad’s birthday and you’re stuck between gifting an impersonal gift card or a department store necktie. (Neither of which are ideal options.)

When it comes to not knowing what to gift a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a photo gift; especially one that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are 7 thoughtful gifts that cost less than $30 

Perforated PHOTO wall calendar

A calendar is a much-needed tool in your day-to-day life, so why not gift a personalized one filled with your favorite photo memories together? Our Perforated Wall Calendar features 12 of your favorite photos that you can tear off along perforations and put on display. For an additional $10, you can also add a frame!

Personalized Photo Card

This one may seem far too simple, but when you can’t find the right message, a photo card can really add that extra thoughtful touch. So the next time you can’t make it to the party or you want to send a personal thank you, send one with a photo. The recipient will appreciate the gesture and Grandma may hang onto it as a simple keepsake.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Have a friend that moved into a new house, or want to bring a thoughtful gift to your next Christmas party? Creating a custom bottle label to put on the wine or beverage you gift is a thoughtful way to add a personal touch. You can create a set with 9 unique photos, so you have ones on deck for any occasion you may need a quick last-minute gift. They will appreciate the gesture and the photo can serve as a good conversation starter.

Photo Prints

So many of us are guilty of not swapping out the photos in our frames often enough. Give the gift of photo prints to a loved one with a memory you’ve shared together, or of some photos that have been languishing on their Facebook profile for a while.

All About My… Photo Book

These photo books can be a bit kid-centric, but that’s what makes them so cute! This fill-in style photo book displays ten photos with prompts about the person. Kids can fill in what they love most about their Mom, Dad, etc. These petite photo books make thoughtful gifts for grandparents, parents, and siblings. There might be some smudges and cross-outs along the way, but that’s what makes the book so special.

5×5 Framed Print

Sometimes gifting a large framed print can be a gamble, especially if you don’t know what kind of room the person is working with. Opting for a small and sweet 5×5 framed print gives just as much impact. These small frames are versatile and can be gifted for teacher appreciation day or a co-worker’s birthday.

Set of 3 Itty Bitty Photo Books

These adorable itty bitty photo books ring in at just $12.99 a piece or three for $24.99. If you’re giving to a child, the animal, bug, shape, color, and story variations are the perfect gift. The classic photo book version of the itty bitty is fun for all ages.

So when you are looking for the perfect gift to get someone, remember that it isn’t in the price tag.

A small and thoughtful gift can go a long way and will be happily remembered. If you still need some more ideas, check out our gift guide with Gifts under $30.


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