5 Simple Steps to Create a Photo Wall Calendar

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Photo Wall Calendar

Whether it’s birthdays, weekend plans or just notes to remember, there is something nice about hanging a calendar on your wall. Perhaps it’s because you grew up with them or the fulfillment of putting pen to paper. Whatever it is, it is comforting to see your month laid out in front of you to keep track of all the little things that can get lost in-between emails.

The Photo Wall Calendar adds a personal touch and design to your wall decor, letting you relive your best memories month after month. And now, with new covers and font options, you can make your calendar all the more personal to fit your style and needs. Designing it is simple and enjoying it, even more so.

How to Personalize a Photo Wall Calendar

Step 1 – Select your Font

Step 1: Select your font

Step 2 – Select Your Cover

Step 2 - Select your Cover

Step 3 – Upload Your Photos

Step 3: Upload your Photos

Step 4 – Drag & Drop Your Photos

Step 4: Drag and Drop your Photos

Step 5 – Edit your Text & Photos

Step 5: Edit your Text & Photos

And just like that, in 5 simple steps, you have a beautifully simple wall calendar to enjoy all year long! Check out all of our calendar designs to see which style best fits you!




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