5 Reasons Your Home Environment Is Crucial

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Our personal and professional lives are intertwined, sometimes more than we are comfortable with, and beyond our control. For your peace of mind and optimal productivity, it’s important to strike a balance between the two. I believe streamlining your home life can actually improve your career life. Here are our best suggestions to create an ideal home environment to better balance home and work lives, and boost productivity.

Take a Rest

Remember that your house is a place of rest, your refuge to relax physically and mentally. Seeing your home as a place to retire to is the first step of creating the environment you need to succeed. Regardless of how enthusiastic or overworked you are on any given day, coming home or walking away from work at a routine time gives your body a time to rely on, and can actually assist in regulating your sleep schedule.  

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Confine your work to a specific area. (Out of sight, out of mind!)
  • Decorate your home with aromatic candles or use aromatic bubble baths. Warm water and smell of lavender, or mint, or oranges help to relax the mind and body.

Feel Supported

Think about  the days you want  to come home to someone, whether it be your significant other, child, or even furry friend; We all lean on that support. It’s natural; humans are social beings and seek interactions in home environments. Additionally, sharing your day with someone through conversation can be a great way to decompress and reevaluate your own experiences during the work day. Finding that support system or familial warmth is a key part in building an effective home environment. 


Try some of these suggestions to foster a supportive, loving atmosphere to your home:

    • Have family dinners every night. Enjoy food and conversation together with those you love.
    • Start new family (or friend) traditions. Play charades on Wednesdays or have cookouts on Sundays.
    • Surround yourself with love by displaying it. Pictures of your friends and family members can remind you of those that love and support you.  Print your favorite photos in a frame or on a custom wall decal, and add them to your work and personal spaces.

Create  Inspiration

No matter what profession you are in, there’s almost always a need for creativity. Think of the brochures in the waiting area of your dentist’s office, or the range of businesses you follow on social media. How can your home can be infused with inspiration?

Find a wall or corner to decorate with items that speak to you- flowers, hobbies, childhood trinkets, and anything else that you can rely on for ideas. Then spend time in that area, placing and arranging objects until you strike that ‘eureka!’ moment you’ve been waiting for.


Prevent Burnouts

Burnouts can shred our productivity, affecting us on both physical and emotional levels . However, we can almost eliminate or avoid a burnout by carefully timing breaks and hobbies. Taking regular breaks or dedicating time to your personal hobbies gives your brain time to cool off, and prevents burnouts later on. 

Things to try :

  • Customize a  photo dry erase decal calendar for  your wall to organize and prioritize commitments. Get silly and customize important dates, or just draw freely to kill time and refocus.
  • Engage in your hobbies more often. The easiest way to relieve the mind of stress is to divert your attention towards something less stressful. 

Make it Yours

Whatever your ideal space looks like, enjoy making it yours.  The changes you make can be as simple as cleaning up the messy corner, or adding a decorative pillow for a pop of color.  your productivity and overall happiness. I hope you can utilize these tips to create the best environment for you!




About the author:  Estelle Liotard is a seasoned content writer and a blogger, with years of experience in different fields of marketing. She is a content editor at Trust My Paper and loves every second of it. Her passion is teaching people how to overcome digital marketing obstacles and help businesses communicate their messages to their customers.

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